The National Police Association awards a grant to the Monrovia, CA PD Police Explorers program.

The National Police Association awards a grant to the Monrovia, CA PD Police Explorers program.

Law enforcement explorer programs provide a common meeting ground for police and youth in the areas of social, educational, and recreational activities. Explorer Post #132 offers opportunities to learn about law enforcement through participation in ride-alongs with police officers, receive training in a variety of law enforcement topics and positions, travel and compete in national, Read more »

Not Just Bullets

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Shots fired. Man with a gun. Those are not only the calls that send a surge of adrenaline through responding officers’ bodies but also comprise the fodder for the fictional encounters and shoot-outs of television and movies. Gunfire does, indeed, make up the largest percentage of murders of police Read more »

Points Against Aiming Lasers at Law Enforcement Aircraft

By Stephen Owsinski Resulting in an automatic felony charge, a grown man behind the wheel of a car foolishly pointed a laser up at a taxpayer-owned law enforcement helicopter in a Manatee County, Florida, subdivision populated by citizens peacefully enjoying their private space, never suspecting anything could come crashing down upon them. Pointing a laser Read more »

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the San Diego Police R.S.V.P. Unit

By Stephen Owsinski With the unfortunate depletion of sworn law enforcement officers stemming from the ludicrous defund-the-police noise and demoralization of cops —compliments of contrarians and their criminal pacification— an all-hands-on-deck initiative is necessary among America’s police organizations. Enter San Diego PD’s R.S.V.P. program, incorporating senior-age citizens as civilian volunteers on patrol. R.S.V.P. Similar to Read more »

The National Police Association Mobile Billboard Shares the Support the Police Message in Philadelphia

Indianapolis/ November 7, 2023 – As Philadelphia suffers from its police department being hundreds of officers short, and residents continue to be threatened by a prosecutor and city council who refuse to hold criminals accountable, the National Police Association’s “Cops are Heroes” mobile billboard tours the city to show support for law enforcement and public Read more »

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Protecting Police Dogs

By Stephen Owsinski Every time I realize another police canine is gifted life-saving ballistic vests sponsored by the National Police Association —made possible thanks to the patronage of pro-police subscribers’ generosity and caring hearts— I am contented knowing they fight the good fight with protective barriers on their bodies. Generally, it is larger law enforcement Read more »

Statement of the National Police Association on the Leaked Pages from the Nashville Manifesto

Indianapolis – November 6, 2023 — Steven Crowder, the host of the Louder with Crowder, shared three purportedly leaked pages from the Nashville shooter’s writings this morning. The Nashville mayor responded by announcing an investigation into the leak, seemingly confirming authenticity. On April 28, 2023 the National Police Association (NPA) sued the City of Nashville Read more »