Cops…Always Kidding Around

Cops…Always Kidding Around

By Stephen Owsinski Amid the many instances of hate against law enforcement are the multitudes of cops bringing smiles to kids’ faces via heartfelt moments of tapping into our beloved nation’s future. If there is anything algorithms have churned for good, it is the abundance of city police officers, county sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers Read more »

Police Pressers and Social Media Sniping

By Stephen Owsinski The burgeon of keyboard warriors commenting nastily to just about every police presser, while PIOs (public information officers) are dutifully conveying details to the public, has become an unfortunate aspect stemming from the anti-police movement. The vile and prejudicial commentary against the law enforcement institution has become downright despicable, needlessly taunting the Read more »

Sparta, GA Police Department Awarded National Police Association Grant

(Indianapolis, IN) – The National Police Association announced today it has awarded the Sparta, GA Police Department a $1000.00 grant. The grant will support the department in obtaining additional officer safety equipment. Located in the old cotton-growing country of middle Georgia, Sparta is the seat of Hancock County. The town is situated near the fall Read more »

The Solution to The Police Recruiting Crisis

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I was fascinated as a teenager with the paranormal. Fortunately, I did not sink into the dark arts and the nefarious spirit world, but the idea of reading minds with extrasensory perception has its appeal. I was never able to predict the future, but today’s police officers are expected Read more »