We Light It Up Blue in Honor of You

We Light It Up Blue in Honor of You

By Stephen Owsinski 

There are myriad ways America’s law enforcement officers carry out duties on behalf of a bustling population that comprises the world’s most definitive melting pot and all the trials and tribulations that come with it. As such, we honor your scope of sacrifices and oath-fulfilled covenants, as you continue serving as His chosen peacekeepers.

You are the beacon we seek when normalcy derails and chaos permeates. The sheer fact that you stepped forward to stare down dangers and quell quakes of unimaginable kinds…deserves brilliant blue illumination after combatting so much darkness.

(Photo courtesy of Unsplash/Brianna Santellan.)

For all you do, we honor…

You, who hugs and kisses your loved-ones goodbye, looking forward to the longevity with family while also realizing one call could erase that wish.

(Photo courtesy of the National Fraternal Order of Police.)

You, who fastens body armor to go to work on behalf of all people, some of whom openly denounce the law-and-order principles for which you stand.

You, who all too often find yourself wedged between opposing sides of political players whose tantrums to get their way hold you accountable when their utopia doesn’t pan out.

You, who often encounters knee-jerk judgments from propagandists before any facts are even remotely considered, scapegoated in the seemingly damned-if-you-do/damned-if-you-don’t blame game pervading a free society.

You, who is subjected to unrelenting scrutiny that most citizens know is unwarranted and ill-conceived.

You, who can deliver a baby on the roadside in the morning and potentially dodge bullets later on.

You, whose difficult duties do not satiate the expectations of those who harbor superpower fantasy.

You, at whom government officials wag fingers when their policies and decisions backfire, unjustly impacting your do-good-always psyche.

You, whose mental health is challenged beyond belief!

You, who imperatively invests in time reading books/showing off police toys to children, kindling Officer Friendly concepts while internalizing conflicts thrust by hateful sorts.

You, whose mom, dad, spouse, child/children, neighbors, and all supporters who knew you better, now live with an immeasurable gap in their hearts as Taps is played at your resting place.

(Photo courtesy of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.)

You, who continually sacrifices on behalf of countless innocents requiring your protection and service…at significant risk to yourself.

You, who exits your cruiser to mitigate woes on roadways while volumes of autos traversing at high velocity zoom right on by as if you are a mere mirage.

You, who nevertheless endeavors to reconcile the irreconcilable, exhibiting your depth of hope and compassion in downtrodden dynamics and unwieldy circumstances.

You, who fosters community relations despite the harangues from barky voices that thrive on negativistic attitudes.

(Photo courtesy of the Boston Police Department.)

You, demonstrates resilience every time you walk into the Roll Call room to commence another shift of unknowns and phantoms.

For these character traits and many more attributes illustrating police professionalism, we light it up blue in your honor!

From the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) whose agency recently experienced mayhem and endured utter loss of several LEOs confronting an armed ambush, the season of commemorating fallen officers during National Police Week is bathed in blue hue…in honor of the fallen, the injured, and the survivors irrevocably scarred from eye-witness accounts born in battle.

“CMPD continues to be astounded by the level of community support that we have received this week.

“In the latest show of support, Lowe’s has been gracious enough to offer blue LED light bulbs for FREE at 30 Lowe’s locations in Charlotte. The goal is that residents who receive these bulbs will install them on their front porches to show their support for all law enforcement officers. The bulbs will begin to be distributed this weekend. See your local Lowe’s store in the greater Charlotte region [or elsewhere] for more details.”

(Photo courtesy of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.)

Per the Pineville, NC, police department: “There is no purchase necessary to receive one of these bulbs, and we thank this community for its continuous support for all the agencies in this area. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the family and friends during this time.”

You deserve so much more!

You, who go out and mitigate severe issues involving malcontents preying on innocents, nary expecting accolades for duties that are not necessarily isolated instances but exponential in LEO lives on the beat.

We close with an ideal example demonstrating the diligence of cops who go the distance on behalf of everyone, instilling peace, and being recognized by colleagues who relish community triumphs and honor the fallen’s tremendous feats as first responders:

“On Monday, April 15, [2024], North Tryon Division Officer Joshua Eyer was awarded Officer of the Month for his outstanding proactive policing efforts patrolling the areas of Sugar Creek, North Tryon Street & the I-85 corridor.

(Photo courtesy of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.)

“Officer Eyer worked diligently to address quality-of-life concerns within these corridors, assisting the community and local business owners. In the span of just three weeks before receiving this award, Officer Eyer and fellow North Tryon Division Officer Aubrey Guldager made 16 arrests with 14 of those linked to felony cases involving charges of Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Attempted First Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, Common Law Robbery as well as various drug-related felonies and property crimes.

“These arrests made an incredible impact on local crime and quality-of-life concerns. This is just a small glimpse at Officer Eyer’s dedication to his work and his commitment to protecting and serving the City of Charlotte.

“He was a phenomenal officer and the epitome of what our officers and all law enforcement strive to be each and every day.

“We ask that you continue to keep Officer Eyer’s family in your thoughts and prayers. We are so grateful for the overwhelming outpouring of support for our CMPD officers and staff who continue to serve our community during this devastating time.”

You, who laid down your life in service to others.

We light it up blue to honor all you do…