Cops Competing for a Cause: 5K Foot Pursuit is a Winner

Cops Competing for a Cause: 5K Foot Pursuit is a Winner

By Stephen Owsinski

It is not a fad or trend that cops compete in various ways to raise funds for causes near and dear to hurting hearts, evincing the breadth of layers of humanitarianism among America’s law enforcement professionals.

As our beloved nation roils over geopolitical fallout and national upheaval in myriad ways, our first responders nevertheless carry on the good fight in and out of uniform.

Depicted in today’s cover photo is the crafty work of a sand artisan commissioned to sculpt gazillions of granules into a symbolic project emphasizing the Rhode Island State Police (RISP) 5K Foot Pursuit, the winners of which were announced on April 28, 2024. (They’re all winners in my book, all 1,100 participants!)

(Photo courtesy of the Rhode Island State Police.)

With a cop-centric name, the 5K Foot Pursuit is an annual conglomerate of marathoners lacing up and letting loose on taped-off terrain whose Finish Line officially clocks troopers, both sworn and non-sworn, running to raise funds for contribution to two entities serving severely ailing people, benefiting the Hero Package Foundation as well as the HSAN IV Foundation:-The Hero Package Foundation is a 501(ᴄ)(3) non-profit Foundation founded in Warwick, RI that donates “hero packages” to children battling cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by delivering them directly to their homes or hospital rooms.-The HSAN IV Foundation is a Rhode Island-founded 501(ᴄ)(3) non-profit that spreads awareness and funds gene therapy [for] a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by an inability to feel pain. 

According to the Rhode Island Troopers Association, the 5K Foot Pursuit was held at Narragansett Town Beach (hence the ideal environment for the representative sand sculpture) and was timed for four hours.

This, while some jurisdictions across the United States are still stuck on the awful-sounding pitches wafting the screechy defund-the-police tune. Have no fear, the RISP Recruiting team was there, doing their part to assemble future cops for America’s battles against evildoers.

(Photo courtesy of the Rhode Island State Police.)

To boot, the present Rhode Island State Police Training Academy class participated, exhibiting some of the arduous work of RISP recruiters, showcasing its latest cadets prepping to hit the pavement, ultimately bolstering its ranks to safeguard the citizenry whose state motto is “Hope.”

(Photo courtesy of Sand Art: by Art.)

“The RISP Training Academy Class of 2024 [donning blue shirts] and Academy staff [donning gray shirts] participated in our 5K Foot Pursuit on Sunday. Recruiters were also on hand to talk with participants about what it takes to be a Rhode Island State Trooper,” cited a RISP spokesperson.

(Photo courtesy of the Rhode Island State Police.)

Some of the 5K Foot Pursuit event’s participant categories included youngsters. Reviewing the banner image above, you’ll notice a few kids among the state troopers and other adults running for the cause…

One can envision any of these youngsters eyeing state troopers’ efforts and getting that seed of service and glimmer of hope.

Considering my formative years watching NYPD cops working the street beat, examples of courageous men and women representing the law enforcement community in various ways may be what one or more of the young runners gleaned at the 5K Foot Pursuit.

“Are you ready?” and “Always there!” are two slogans stamped upon the pages of the Rhode Island State Police.

It’s been a while since I mentioned the proverbial pendulum swinging to and fro…

In terms of law enforcement recruitment efforts taking up the challenge to increase the roles among police ranks across the nation, responding to the ongoing monumental feat of replenishing sworn strength depleted by pesky politics and the asinine broad brush painting cops as anything but good for our society, recruiters of all stripes have expanded their reach, even showing up at the ocean’s lips.

There is a unique equilibrium cops endeavor to keep, spanning the incompatible range from charitable to crime-fighting modes—striving for balance as they wade through a vast sea of experiences on behalf of countless others.

Here we are…with yet another among a litany of compassionate and caring examples of cops investing themselves in great causes.

Although Cops for Kids with Cancer is a nationally recognized organization raising and facilitating funds for families of children afflicted with the debilitating illness, respective states and municipalities’ police departments and sheriff’s offices also selflessly partake in events to aggregate monetary means to help lighten the loads of this hard-pressed demographic…

For example, the 5K Foot Pursuit that transpired on April 28, 2024, coincided with the annual Pay It Forward Day.

As the 5K Foot Pursuit marathon coursed through their jurisdiction, the Narragansett Police Department not only had several of its sworn and non-sworn members ensuring the safety of the 5K Foot Pursuit (mutual aid) but also held a Pay It Forward event, collecting “latex-free, kid-friendly Band-Aids (something fun like Disney, Peppa Pig, sports, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Harry Potter, etc.)

“Pay It Forward Day is a worldwide celebration of kindness that takes place every year on April 28.” Narragansett cops collected Band-Aids and donated them to “The Tomorrow Fund at Hasbro Children’s Hospital for children being treated for cancer.”

These are but a scant sampling of the myriad ways cops give of themselves, in service to their communities, typically at their own expense (physically and monetarily) so that lives can sustain more quality orientations.

When you ponder the tsunami of hate and propaganda aimed at law enforcement officers, challenging self-control and composure, these heroes of noble nature give it a run for the money so that others are embraced and aided in their respective battle(s).

Hope, indeed…