Cops Console Traumatized Children

Cops Console Traumatized Children

By Stephen Owsinski Every cop has heart and conviction before they enter the profession of law enforcement, and the humanistic virtues that shine are most illuminated when children are involved in traumatizing incidents and police officers pillar frightened and confused young souls, consoling them when they need it most. Kids jolted in car crashes are Read more »

A Cut Above: Deep-Undercover Cop Saves Children by a Hair

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement officers going deep undercover to infiltrate groups of bad actors, gain rapport, meticulously stitch solid cases, and deposit violent phantoms in jail cells…is a notoriously perilous assignment in police work. Undercover cops talk the talk, walk the walk, and dress the part, including beards and long hair. After several years Read more »

Missing Persons with Memory Loss and the Cops Who Get Them Home

By Stephen Owsinski Lately, I’ve been hearing first-hand accounts from friends and family mentioning instances of people with dementia and Alzheimer’s…and how the police handle reports of missing person cases in the demographics. On March 21, 2024, officers with the Hemet Police Department encountered such a call, involving an elderly individual with dementia who wandered Read more »

In the Know with Your Police on the Go

By Stephen Owsinski I recall my days as an adolescent when my dad used to sit for hours and listen to NYPD activities via his “scanner” whose varying “stations” were accessible with tiny shiny plastic things the size of a Chiclet (maybe smaller, thinner) called “crystals.” Our neighborhood supplier of individual chips was Radio Shack. Read more »

The Police Officer as Teacher

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It’s illegal to drive barefoot. If you have to shoot somebody, you have to drag them into your house to claim self-defense. The guy who assaulted me is Black and I’m Jewish, so that’s a hate crime. She verbally assaulted me. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. You have Read more »

Reporter’s Exposé on Police Canine Teams: ‘Our Community is Safer Thanks to Man’s Best Friend’

By Stephen Owsinski Nampa, Idaho police department canine exposé by news reporter Savannah Hankard’s coverage entailed her donning the full bite-suit and catching a canine clench—in other words, the canine clench caught her. As soon as the missile launched and nailed its target, the words “Holy crap!” instantly slipped out of her mouth, compelled by Read more »

Safeguarding the Public in Unsafe Conditions

By Stephen Owsinski With inclement weather heavily in the headlines lately, the nation’s public safety professionals are out there doing their darndest to safeguard motorists navigating nature’s treacherous droppings such as snow, ice, and rain…creating unsafe conditions on highways and byways. Some police cruisers aiding crash victims and stranded drivers find themselves in harm’s way, Read more »