Boston Cops Challenge Vaccine-Mandating Mayor, Receive Rhetoric

Government’s Primary Responsibility is Public Safety—Some Failed, Miserably

By Stephen Owsinski All propagators and ilk-like supporters of the defund-the-police charade have only themselves to thank for the loss of a political fiefdom voicing the nonsensical defunding of police which emboldened malcontents, jeopardized many lives, and enabled ravage of businesses in cities which gave birth to an antithetical cacophony against cops and undermined everyone’s Read more »

Cops’ Bittersweet Beat Around Christmastime

By Stephen Owsinski As one may suspect, police work during major holidays means being away from loved ones in order to safeguard the community and ensure citizens’ merrymaking with appetizing banquets and poignant familial experiences while seasonal lights wink away. For the beat cop ensuring these highlights are conceivable, the shift is nonetheless normalized with Read more »

The Thin Blue Line is a Rainbow

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The year isn’t over yet as I write this, so the number of law enforcement deaths will increase before 2022 dawns. 2021’s list on the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) is already bloated. In addition to the increase in ambushes, the usual murders of officers arresting violent offenders, and Read more »

Cops—Some Misjudge Them…Until They Need Them

By Stephen Owsinski This is neither an indictment against tattoos and/or facial hair on law enforcement officers. It is, however, an observation of how we judge cops, institute policies based on misperceptions, and hold police officers accountable for trivialities while losing sight of their dedication to self-sacrifice and life-saving feats along the way. We’ll look Read more »