New York Mayor – Elect: Bring Back Stop and Frisk

New York Mayor – Elect: Bring Back Stop and Frisk

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The practice of stopping suspicious persons to ask some questions and check them for weapons has never been illegal. It has been practiced in ways that has caused the courts to refine the practice, but not outlaw it. New York’s incoming Mayor Eric Adams is a retired NYPD captain, Read more »

Radical Politicians Grumble as Anti-Law Enforcement Theories Crumble

By Steve Pomper  It’s getting real. When even hot iron branded members of the hard woke left risk breaking from the leftist orthodoxy herd, even if it’s for selfish political purposes, it’s something positive—for traditional America. Even in Minnesota, where George Floyd’s in-police-custody death sparked national wanton destruction, increased hatred toward cops, and the reinforcement of Read more »

Pro-Police Governor on the Illegal Immigration Crisis: ‘We Have a Responsibility to Stand Up for Rule of Law’

By Stephen Owsinski It is no coincidence that this morning, like just about any other lately, news sources are publishing the tug-o-war between constitutionalists and those who refer to the declaratory document outlining national principles as “you know, the thing, that thing.” In particular relevance to the ongoing southern border crisis outrageously permitted to fester, Read more »

Police Have Plenty to Pray About

By Stephen Owsinski On the heels of Thanksgiving Day festivities, when the majority are at family homes enjoying each other’s company and emphasizing gratitude for life’s basics and bonuses, materially demoralized cops (you know which side orchestrated that) nevertheless suit up and clock another tour of duty in an unforgiving climate, internalizing and solemnly praying Read more »

Mansfield, TX Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association Awarded National Police Association Grant

(Indianapolis) November 21, 2021. The National Police Association (NPA) awarded a grant to the Mansfield Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association to be used for the benefit of the Explorers program. The Mansfield Police Department, in cooperation with Scouts BSA subsidiary Learning for Life, sponsors a Law Enforcement Explorer Post for youth ages 14 to 20 Read more »

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What We Know About School Shootings

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The blood was still on the ground at Virginia Tech in 2007 when I traveled to interview as a campus police chief in Colorado. My time in charge of public safety was punctuated by the threat of campus violence.  It was the same year that my daughter married a Read more »

How Are Cops Accountable? Let Me Count the Ways

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Accountability of our armed government agents is an essential part of our democracy. The Founding Fathers wrote a whole thing about it. That the idea of lots of armed government agents was somewhat foreign to those Revolutionary minds was evident in their hesitancy to even have a standing army. Read more »