Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice: No ICE in State Courthouses without Judicial Warrant

By Steve Pomper   By now, we’re used to an odd proclivity displayed by some politicians and political ideologues to protect people in the U.S. illegally. Now, I can understand someone might feel sympathy for otherwise law-abiding people in the United States illegally, which are most of them. Even more, I can understand having empathy for Read More >

Rep. Ayanna Pressley released an extensive proposal to overturn America’s criminal justice system

The comprehensive anti-law enforcement plan, according to Pressley, is created to fix a racist, intolerant, rogue, and essentially flawed system. Pressley’s proposal exceeds the criminal justice reform platforms floated by 2020 Democrats– including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.), whom Pressley has recommended as well as campaigned with. The Pressley plan is a shopping list of what Read More >

National Police Association Announces November 2019 Chaplaincy Training Scholarship Recipient

The National Police Association is honored to announce that Christopher J Wilson was selected as the November 2019 recipient of a scholarship for the International Fellowship of Chaplains (IFOC) training certification. Mr. Wilson received his IFOC chaplaincy certification having completed the course in Sterling Heights Michigan. Mr. Wilson currently serves as an ERT Paramedic for Read More >

The National Police Association Offers Reward for Information About the Person Who Shot at Broward County Florida Sheriff’s Deputies in Pembroke Park

The National Police Association is announcing a $5,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the individual responsible for opening fire on two Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies early Tuesday morning November 12, 2019. The Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies were on patrol in the area of Southwest 41st Street and 52nd Avenue Read More >

Court Opinions Undermine the Deaths of Our Heroes as Cop Killers Continue to Get Reduced Sentences

It’s happened again. A man accused of murdering a law enforcement official in Chicago was able to get his sentence reduced on account of being a juvenile when the shooting happened. The convict, Hector Delgado, shot Police Officer Brian Strouse on June 30, 2001, during an altercation in an alley. Officer Strouse suffered a bullet wound to the head Read More >

U.S. Rep. Sides with Demonstrators’ Call for Violence Against NYPD Cops

By Steve Pomper  I’ve been trying to understand the visceral animosity directed at the police in many of our large and mid-sized American cities and, perhaps more importantly, ponder what to do about it. Without a fair press and with anti-police indoctrination in many of the nation’s schools from pre-school thru Ph.D. the mission to restore respect Read More >

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