NPA 2020 Year in Review: Attacked by Malicious Media. Twitter Account Infested with Costumed Cop Haters.

Costumed Cop Hater Infestation Did you know there was such a thing as furries? We didn’t either but apparently, it’s a thing. Some of them are purportedly Nazis. The furries clearly know there is such a thing as the NPA, because they are now all visiting us every day, objecting to our diabolical rumored plan Read More >

Mom No Longer Has to Hoof it to Work Thanks to Two Caring Kansas Cops

By Steve Pomper  Law enforcement officers serve their communities daily—and nightly, all year long, often going above and beyond the proverbial call of duty. But this is the time of year when such acts take on a special meaning. The following story made me think of a saying which originally appeared in Aesop’s Fables and which Read More >

Far and Near, Cops Bring Christmas Cheer

By Stephen Owsinski Indeed, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. What is fascinating and heartwarming is the plethora of offerings from folks equally hard-pressed because of the looming pandemic. And like many similar hardships posed by circumstance resulting in positive outcomes, cops are out there doing the job and spreading cheer…and gifting abounds. Read More >

Police Reformists Are Wrong to Think Military Vets Are Bad for Law Enforcement

By Stephen Owsinski Among the many pro/con movements regarding policing in a transparent society opining contrarily, some Americans are now claiming that law enforcement officer hiring practices ought to exclude military veterans from consideration, citing fears of a “militaristic” police force. For law enforcement officers, this is yet another hit for those policing the United Read More >

Will Lt. John Mitchell Suffer Through Yet Another Christmas with an Undeserved Criminal Charge Hanging Over His Head?

By Steve Pomper  It’s hard to believe the NPA has been reporting on the Lt. John Mitchell saga for over a year about an incident that occurred in May 2019 in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Mitchell is a lieutenant with the Blackwell Police Department who was indicted by DA Jason Hicks for stopping an active shooter who was Read More >

Cops Make Excellent Maestros, Coordinating Christmas Lightshows by a Band of Blue

By Stephen Owsinski As I have written a few times in previous articles, cops are quite resourceful and accomplish many things for those they meet on the beat or wherever, responding whenever they hear the call for assistance or see a need. Besides the myriad attributes among police personnel, there is a variety of go-to Read More >

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