Law Enforcement Literally Cleaning Up Cities

Law Enforcement Literally Cleaning Up Cities

By Stephen Owsinski Is there nothing law enforcement officers won’t do? To the extent any profession is known to go out of its way, policing is up there. Although “taking out the trash” has a metaphorical connotation —a negative one— it seems cops are also literally conducting cleanup operations in their respective jurisdictions. With the Read more »

Cops…Always Kidding Around

By Stephen Owsinski Amid the many instances of hate against law enforcement are the multitudes of cops bringing smiles to kids’ faces via heartfelt moments of tapping into our beloved nation’s future. If there is anything algorithms have churned for good, it is the abundance of city police officers, county sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers Read more »

Caring for Police Canines

By Stephen Owsinski Police canines and their human handlers have been making the news a lot lately—as well they should, especially for all the dynamo police work they accomplish on behalf of citizens’ safety. Yet there is a dynamic in police service animals that are hardly highlighted, one deserving of accolades for the care and Read more »

Working in Winter Wonderland: Cops Brave Elements

By Stephen Owsinski Although it is a classic tribute to U.S. postal employees out there delivering “through rain, sleet, or snow,” our nation’s law enforcement officers also befit the distinction…on every holiday, often working in winter wonderlands that dreadfully hinder efforts. Nevertheless, public safety presence is there while citizens celebrate by exchanging presents. Despite the Read more »

Cops Cater Joy to Children at Christmastime

By Stephen Owsinski The tsunami of posts depicting cops lavishing children with Christmas merriment and presents (presence) well before the actual holiday is like manna from Heaven for all parties at the table. Some law enforcement agencies cater Christmas parties at their HQ or another suitable venue. Others bring the party to you, often at Read more »

Chiefs on Beats

By Stephen Owsinski You might think it is not too often that you see the police chief on the beat, but it does occur, even on midnight shifts. As one might expect, it does a world of good for patrol officers seeing their CEO of cops taking calls and clicking cuffs on bad actors. What Read more »

Why Is There a Police Car In My Neighborhood?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I remember being the on-call investigator when the phone rang sometime in the middle of the night. At the time I didn’t live very far from the police station so I sprinted down to grab the unmarked car and head out to the scene where an officer had been Read more »

Police Sting Operations Provide a Literal View

By Stephen Owsinski As the largest municipal police agency in America, the NYPD employs a robust contingent of law enforcement officers to respond to just about anything imaginable, ranging from crimefighters investigating morose depravities to Mounted Unit farriers fashioning new shoes for its police horses. Then there is the NYPD staff uniquely skilled at conducting Read more »