Anti-Police School Districts Forfeiting Students’ Welfare

By Stephen Owsinski School districts across the country seeking to completely eliminate or significantly diminish the role of law enforcement personnel assigned as school resource officers are doing a huge disservice to students, in effect trading off kids’ welfare for a stake in the illogical anti-police thrust. In May 2021, the City of Alexandria voted Read More >

Saving Grace of Cops and Canines

By Stephen Owsinski Although I recently wrote about the so-called “silent majority” standing in solidarity with American law enforcement despite the pesky haranguing of the anti-cop crowd, the reference is humans and where they stand on law and order in present-day society. But there is another demographic, a large one, which is a different breed Read More >

Specialized Public Safety Units Protect Citizens, Assure Nature’s Bounty

By Stephen Owsinski A few years ago, I wrote an article titled “All Kinds of Police.” The piece explored the wide array of law enforcement agencies spanning our nation, from railroad police to postal service cops to law enforcement officials securing our U.S. Mint and national assets. Among the specialties in law enforcement are environmental Read More >

Police Interventions Save Lives!

By Stephen Owsinsk Thankfully, police agencies and sheriff’s offices are adept at supplementing the crime-fighting mission with expository nuggets availing the realities of the beat and what is transpiring, all organic and unadulterated, so that citizens (taxpayers) can glimpse the grit and successes parlayed via the hearts and hands of cops. Both reactively and proactively, Read More >

Despite the Anti-Police Noise, Cops Continually Sharpen Skills to Safeguard Citizens

By Stephen Owsinsk Despite the ongoing battle-drum noise created by the anti-police movement, cops are honing skills and training fervently for any imaginable dilemma in our society. Behind the badges are skill-enhancing police personnel conducting either behind-the-scenes drills or open field operations to ensure efficacy and expediency when confronting dangerous situations and implementing lifesaving feats. Read More >

Courageous Youngsters Learn to be Future Cops

By Stephen Owsinsk Notwithstanding the constant harangue of anti-cop voices signaling a police-free society, wise brains employing critical-thinking skills know better. And among those who possess a bright and robust outlook on the future of America are youngsters honing aspirations to be the next wave of law enforcement officers implementing serve and protect principles. Although Read More >

National Public Safety Telecommunications Week Honors ‘Headset Heroes’: Lifelines Between First Responders and Citizens

By Stephen Owsinsk Traditionally, emergency operations centers are staffed by those who answer calls for help and are the initial contacts in the hierarchy of first responders. These highly trained professionals receive calls for service and set in motion public safety resources to come to the aid of citizens using the 9-1-1 system or the Read More >

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