Irvine Police Arrest Dopers, Revive Puppy Exposed to Fentanyl

Irvine Police Arrest Dopers, Revive Puppy Exposed to Fentanyl

By Stephen Owsinski For law enforcement officers, arresting shoplifters is a common occurrence, especially nowadays…with the idiocy of cash bail policy freeing sticky-fingered bad actors to recidivate and revictimize. But it is not every day that cops handcuff illegal narcotics users in a California big box store and discover an overdosing puppy. Irvine, California police Read more »

Fidelity of First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski It is always gratifying to witness the selfless nature of our nation’s first responders performing myriad duties with fidelity, some not even in the playbook but unfolding organically, epitomizing why we refer to them as their respective jurisdiction’s Finest. Here are a few of many… In a grassroots kind of way, Deputies Read more »

Sunshine State Sheriffs Candidly Rebuke Criminal Elements

By Stephen Owsinski Gotta love it when law enforcement executives stand up with/for their deputies and speak against the criminal elements preying on society. We bring you a sampling of Sunshine State sheriffs rebuking evildoers, political correctness be damned. It may come as no surprise that we kick off the trumpeting for fearless law enforcement Read more »

First Responders Engage Kids in ‘Respect for Law Camp’

By Stephen Owsinski With school out for summer and kids’ likelihood of being exposed to some gruesome depictions of malcontents exhibiting disregard for law and order, especially in metropolis cities catering to soft-on-crime policies, public safety pros engage youth by hosting a “Respect for Law Camp.” As the program name implies, the Respect for Law Read more »

Police Crisis-Response Dog Calms, Saves Suicidal Woman

By Stephen Owsinski The fascinating feats of police service animals never cease to amaze. The Marietta Police Department’s crisis-response K9 “Barney” filled the primary officer role by calming a severely distraught woman who threatened to take her life, ultimately saving her from self-destruction. The fine folks at Marietta PD provided the following synopsis of what Read more »

Summertime Blues: Police Athletic League Makes Champs of Youth

By Stephen Owsinski School resource officers (SROs) bid farewell to students departing campuses as the school year ends, with youngsters eyeing gobs of summertime fun. Cops everywhere are picking up the ball —figuratively and literally— and rolling out numerous activities and life lessons to keep kids’ minds blooming while forging new or deeper friendships with Read more »

‘Media Day’ Invites Journos to Experience Police Work

By Stephen Owsinski Given the incessant maligning of cops and ignorance of facts by many members of the media, several employees of various news organizations in Florida were invited by law enforcement personnel who took the time to expose the realities of police work to journalists. It is no secret that the law enforcement community Read more »

Behind the Badges: Marine Patrol

By Stephen Owsinski With the deluge of rainwater dumped on South Florida during a massive storm recently, the law enforcement officers assigned to respective agency Marine Patrol units throughout the coastal region were activated beyond imagination, plucking people and pets from homes and surveying boats that took on plenty of water. This material looks at Read more »