Behind the Badges: Marine Patrol

Behind the Badges: Marine Patrol

By Stephen Owsinski With the deluge of rainwater dumped on South Florida during a massive storm recently, the law enforcement officers assigned to respective agency Marine Patrol units throughout the coastal region were activated beyond imagination, plucking people and pets from homes and surveying boats that took on plenty of water. This material looks at Read more »

Other Duties as Assigned

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Rescuing animals in distress is for animal control. Running into burning buildings is for the fire service. Emergency medical services render aid to the injured. Social workers deal with mental health crises. Jumping into the water is for rescue divers. Even with these vital specialties, the reality is that Read more »

Police Partner with Youngsters on ‘Student Government Day’

By Stephen Owsinski Among the many ways cops roll out programs and/or partake in constructive endeavors involving citizens, partnering with youngsters during Student Government Day is another hat worn by police officers. The police chief leading the Norwood Police Department in Massachusetts opened up not only his law enforcement hub for students to experience but Read more »

Cops Rolling Out Novel Programs

By Stephen Owsinski Cops are dutifully fashioned to pay attention to details, and they cover the gamut of everything under the sun and the moon and the stars. Law enforcement officers come up with some novel approaches and programs offered to the American public for paramount safety, personal enhancement, and overall best-foot-forward existence. Speaking of Read more »

School Resource Officer Jails a Predator

By Stephen Owsinski A Grants Pass, OR policeman assigned as a school resource officer at an alternative school campus went above and beyond to nab a child predator who lured a young female student into his vehicle where he sexually assaulted her and tried to recruit her into prostitution. According to the National Association of Read more »

Kids Collect Autographs from New Cops

By Stephen Owsinski There is something very telling about school-age children asking for autographs from five brand-new cops whose first day on patrol included a visit to a local school. The Norwood Police Department in Massachusetts had a swearing-in ceremony on February 2, 2023, with five new police officers jutting their hands and vowing their Read more »

Law Enforcement Literally Cleaning Up Cities

By Stephen Owsinski Is there nothing law enforcement officers won’t do? To the extent any profession is known to go out of its way, policing is up there. Although “taking out the trash” has a metaphorical connotation —a negative one— it seems cops are also literally conducting cleanup operations in their respective jurisdictions. With the Read more »

Cops…Always Kidding Around

By Stephen Owsinski Amid the many instances of hate against law enforcement are the multitudes of cops bringing smiles to kids’ faces via heartfelt moments of tapping into our beloved nation’s future. If there is anything algorithms have churned for good, it is the abundance of city police officers, county sheriff’s deputies, and state troopers Read more »

Caring for Police Canines

By Stephen Owsinski Police canines and their human handlers have been making the news a lot lately—as well they should, especially for all the dynamo police work they accomplish on behalf of citizens’ safety. Yet there is a dynamic in police service animals that are hardly highlighted, one deserving of accolades for the care and Read more »

Working in Winter Wonderland: Cops Brave Elements

By Stephen Owsinski Although it is a classic tribute to U.S. postal employees out there delivering “through rain, sleet, or snow,” our nation’s law enforcement officers also befit the distinction…on every holiday, often working in winter wonderlands that dreadfully hinder efforts. Nevertheless, public safety presence is there while citizens celebrate by exchanging presents. Despite the Read more »