Kids Know Heroes When They See Them

By Stephen Owsinski Despite the divisive strategies and shallow rhetoric employed by politicos in tax-payer-funded fiefdoms, youngsters with ground-level presence and organic heartstrings know best when there’s a boots-on-the-ground hero in their midst. And thank goodness for that. A neighbor of mine, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Chris Mosesman was on duty in his assigned patrol Read More >

That ‘Unity’ Trumpeted by Politicians Has Been Portrayed by Cops for Ages, Despite Anti-police Din

By Stephen Owsinski Ongoing examples of interactions between cops and citizens symbolizing togetherness and “unity” without the implications of politics involved never cease to amaze. It was the picture above which conjured the aforementioned statement and analogy portrayed in the remainder of this article, centered on and parlayed from a program called #CopsCare. What you Read More >

As Snowmaggedon Freezes Cities, Public Safety Plows Through to Help Citizens

By Stephen Owsinski Whether you subscribe to the groundhog theory or not, one thing is certain: Mother Nature sure did her thing recently, leaving many cities in several states wracked by inexplicable volumes of the white stuff, mortifying temps, and ice. Even in usually sunny Texas, wintry conditions effectively relegated humankind to hunker and hope Read More >

Initiative in Brooklyn Police Precinct Involves NYPD Cops and ‘Violence Interrupters’ Working Together, Sorta

By Stephen Owsinski As mentioned in previous pieces, cops and community members can achieve remarkable objectives when they work together. Recently, a grassroots model transpired in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn, New York. Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs) with the NYPD’s 73rd Precinct stationed in Brownsville were participants in a five-day pilot program whereby cops ebbed Read More >

‘Cop’s Cop’ is Elected to Fifth Term as Sheriff, Making History in His County

By Stephen Owsinski Polk County, Florida Sheriff Grady Judd is not only embraced in his jurisdictional locale but widely popular across the nation. Sheriff Judd is an outspoken constitutionalist who unequivocally abhors coddling the criminal element and heralds law enforcement officers who perform dangerous duty daily and serve the public. There is good reason Sheriff Read More >

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