Cops and Comedic Capers Resulting in Head-Scratching Moments and Hilarity

By Stephen Owsinski As has been stated many times before, with gobs of evidence to back it up, cops have/enjoy the front-row seat to life. The antics and hairbrained scenarios people hatch with seemingly zero forethought is enough to keep offering real-time material for the Dumbest Criminals series. Ergo… According to WFLA News Channel 8, Read More >

Young Boy Prays Over All Police Officers: ‘I Think They Are My Heroes’

By Stephen Owsinski The holiday season is without a doubt a time when people share heartfelt sentiments, gifts, and kindness in an emphasized show of solidarity with other humans. And, boy, do we need a generous sprinkling of those things in the COVID-age (with health-minded modifications, of course). 2020 has been especially rocky, and police Read More >

‘Dear Officer: #WeNeedYou’ Cards and Letters of Gratitude Showing Up on Police Cars

(Photo courtesy of the Highlands County, Florida sheriff’s office.)

By Stephen Owsinski In a topsy-turvy upended world thanks to nasty cousin COVID and nightmarish anti-police actions which keep assaulting our psyches, it is an absolute blessing to witness a series of supportive “Thank you” letters and specially printed business cards emblematic of the Thin Blue Line and the words “Dear Officer: #WeNeedYou.” Much like Read More >

Bird is the Word on the Streets…and Cops are Helping Deliver

By Stephen Owsinski No, not the jail birds making fools of themselves, getting arrested, delivered to county jail. (That is a runner-up, though.) We are talking about yet another selfless deed among the myriad feats cops perform daily. With the Thanksgiving holiday nearing and the traditional turkey dinner fixings on the minds of many, some Read More >

Cops’ Free Speech Rights: Like Walking Through a Minefield—Barefoot—On Crushed Glass

By Steve Pomper   A law enforcement officer’s right to free speech isn’t a matter of what an officer says as much as when and where he or she says it. It would be easy to debate the specific words Los Angeles PD Sergeant Joel Sydanmaa used on social media, that resulted in discipline, as to whether we agree with him or Read More >

Portsmouth, Virginia Police Chief Fired For—What Else? Doing Her Job

By Steve Pomper   It seems like hyperbole to say there are political leaders who endorse lawlessness, as long as the crimes allowed conform to those leaders’ political beliefs. But these days, it’s not an exaggeration; it’s accurate. There was more evidence of this coming out of Portsmouth, VA., where city leaders just fired their police Read More >

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