When Politicians Turn Their Cops into Rule Enforcement Instead of Law Enforcement

By Steve Pomper  An Ohio police officer tased and then arrested a woman who was watching her son’s “grade-school football game in Logan, Ohio,” for not wearing a facecloth (mask). Okay, that’s not exactly what happened, but people can be forgiven for arriving at this headline. What happened was the officer tased and arrested Alecia Kitts Read More >

‘Law Enforcement Protection Act’ Receives Pushback from ‘Activists’ in Denial

By Stephen Owsinski “Enough is enough” couldn’t be said enough, and one governor got beyond talking points, put it on paper, gave it teeth, and publicized lawful measures whereby the state seeks to defund jurisdictions which defund their police. Energizing that vane, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also enacted punitive measures for protestors who step across Read More >

Defund the Police Is Not Enough as Radicals Target Police Foundations

By Steve Pomper   The forces that comprise the radical anti-cop left are not content to defund or abolish only the police. Harassing and attacking police unions, officials, and members is also not enough. No, the left-wing extremists are now targeting police foundations. Police foundations are charitable organizations that exist to provide moral, material, and financial Read More >

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