State trooper declines issuing traffic ticket to doctor, hands her his batch of protective masks instead

By Stephen Owsinski Indeed, our nation is in short supply of basic personal protective equipment (PPEs) for healthcare personnel as well as our first responders working the frontlines to aid a populace besieged by this coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 is a silent, cloaked killer. Likely you have read or heard about the contention brewing over a Read More >

Solutions to Violent Crime Should Not Exclude Successful Strategies Just Because They Come from Law Enforcement

By Steve Pomper  What happens when those entrusted to solve a community’s serious problems with crime, especially violent, are so politically and ideologically driven that they not only ignore but also reject ideas that might actually solve the problem? Rejecting resources cops could use to crush violent crime. Sadly, the answer is too often, nothing. Well, nothing Read More >

CDC Protocols for First Responders During Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19)—And a Comment About Reactions

By Steve Pomper  Before I begin with the CDC’s recommendations for the nation’s cops, a personal note. I’m not sure all these precedents we’re setting around the country are warranted or an overreaction (so far, the evidence seems to indicate the latter). There’s now even a mayor potentially banning selling guns and alcohol in—of all cities—Champagne, Read More >

HCSO Master Detective also now a Command Sgt Major in US Army Reserve

By Stephen Owsinski Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Master Detective Jasen Pask was promoted to Command Sergeant Major Jasen Pask recently. In addition to overseeing cases as a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office detective in Tampa, Florida, Pesk ‘s new role as a Command Sergeant Major will have him overseeing eight battalions with the U.S. Army Read More >

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