No Good Deed Goes Unpunished is Too Often Literal in Police Work

Solutions to Violent Crime Should Not Exclude Successful Strategies Just Because They Come from Law Enforcement

By Steve Pomper  What happens when those entrusted to solve a community’s serious problems with crime, especially violent, are so politically and ideologically driven that they not only ignore but also reject ideas that might actually solve the problem? Rejecting resources cops could use to crush violent crime. Sadly, the answer is too often, nothing. Well, nothing Read more »

CDC Protocols for First Responders During Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19)—And a Comment About Reactions

By Steve Pomper  Before I begin with the CDC’s recommendations for the nation’s cops, a personal note. I’m not sure all these precedents we’re setting around the country are warranted or an overreaction (so far, the evidence seems to indicate the latter). There’s now even a mayor potentially banning selling guns and alcohol in—of all cities—Champagne, Read more »

Citizens Aiding Cops in Danger

By Steve Pomper  Years ago, when I was a shiny new police officer, I was headed home after my watch one evening. I was driving my personal car northbound on I-5. About five miles south of my exit, I noticed a man darting into and out of traffic, with cars swerving to avoid hitting him. At Read more »