Private-Sector Businesses Come to Aid of Beat Cops

By Stephen Owsinski Thankfully, we are starting to see some loosening of restrictions related to the pandemic. Gratefully, throughout the entire time, definitely from the get-go, private-sector businesses and philanthropic organizations kept coming to the aid of our nation’s law enforcement officers, providing them with whatever essentials were necessary to keep them safe, guarded, and Read More >

Judge to Rule on Motion to Quash Manslaughter Charges Against a Police Lieutenant Who Stopped an Active Shooter in 2019

By Steve Pomper  Looks like it’s more waiting for a Blackwell, Oklahoma police lieutenant who’s been languishing for over a year to be cleared of criminal charges stemming from an incident in May 2019. Lt. John Mitchell and another officer shot and killed a woman who’d been driving her pickup through town, shooting out her window Read More >

California Governor Threatens to Slash Cop Jobs If He Doesn’t Get His Way

By Steve Pomper  According to several reports, including at, California Governor Gavin Newsom recently appeared to be threatening to lay off public safety employees if the federal government refuses to hand over the cash—oh, and I think to hold his breath and stomp his feet, too. This doesn’t surprise me. It’s like with local governments Read More >

Seattle Police Officers Guild Ready to Move on From Federal Consent Decree

By Steve Pomper  As a retired Seattle cop, it’s difficult for me to see news items about the sham federal consent decree placed on the stellar officers of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) (incidentally, with the participation of Seattle’s current mayor, Jenny Durkan, when she was the U.S. Attorney for the region). It’s difficult to see Read More >

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