State Seeks to Restore Public Safety in Crime-Ridden City

State Seeks to Restore Public Safety in Crime-Ridden City

By Stephen Owsinski Certain cities are under the lenses of state legislatures, focused on doing what is necessary to restore some semblance of safety and security in out-of-control locales. According to GOVERNING Daily —whose tagline is “The Future of States and Localities” — the Missouri Legislature has had enough of St. Louis’s rampant crime and Read more »

March Madness isn’t Just for Basketball

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Yes that magical time of the smell of refreshing rains, the chirping of birds returning to the budding trees, and tender flowers pushing their way through the thawing soil. It’s also time for gang members to pick up some extra cash for not committing crime. Of  course they have Read more »

K9 Veterans Day Heralds Diligent Role of Police Dogs

By Stephen Owsinski Extending kudos doggedly earned by police personnel never gets old, and law enforcement K9s are among those to be heralded. This week, we celebrated K9 Veterans Day by highlighting our country’s phenomenal police canines for their public safety role, some trotting into happy retirements laden with bones and chew toys and loving Read more »

Competing and Conflicting Federal and State Laws Not Fair to Law Enforcement Officers

By Steve Pomper Gov. Mike Parson, former Polk County sheriff and U.S. Army MP My basic understanding, if somewhat simplified, of the federal-state balance regarding the U.S. Constitution’s supremacy clause is states can pass laws to provide more but not less protection than the federal Constitution provides, including the unalienable right to life and to defend that life.   As explained by Thoughtco, Read more »

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Evil: The Forgotten Cause of Criminality

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The Utopian idealists who parade folly as compassion want us to believe that everyone is good at their core. Any behavior defined as criminal is excusable because of the deficiencies of society, mental illness, poverty, or racism. In their eyes, evil only exists in prisons and among law enforcement. Read more »

Tell Louisiana to Protect Police Officers

Video (Fox News) from September 2022 of Washington State Trooper Yasin Anwar being encroached by an agitator who objected to his traffic stop. Questions: Should the public be allowed to encroach on police and distract them while they are working? Or should police be able to carry out their responsibilities without agitators free to get Read more »

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Cops

By Stephen Owsinski If there ever was a “perfect time” to respect our nation’s cops, it is always. But, especially lately, we continue to witness unprecedented vile behavior toward law enforcement officers who, despite dangers to themselves, forge forward and maintain the mission of public safety. That deserves nothing shy of utmost kudos, namely R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Read more »

Misguided Police Reformers Are the Authors of Societal Havoc

By Stephen Owsinski Recent political winds of change billboarded sentiments about public safety by ousting elected figures who touted fallacies that America’s policing institution is problematic, must be stripped of funding, and ultimately abolished from our free society. Every vowel and consonant spewed by anti-police mouths is a lovely language to criminal ears—surprise, surprise. With Read more »