New ‘See Through Walls’ Technology for Law Enforcement Operations’ Situational Awareness

New ‘See Through Walls’ Technology for Law Enforcement Operations’ Situational Awareness

By Stephen Owsinski An Israeli technology company has engineered a remote-based device with Superman-ish capability, enabling law enforcement officers to “see through walls,” whether up-close or from a safer distance. Per the company’s press release, “For the first time, military forces, law enforcement agencies, and first responders are able to detect live objects beyond the Read more »

The Naked Truth About the Unclothed

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Ever since Adam and Eve looked down and realized they were naked and that was somehow not quite right, most of humanity has insisted on covering up. When law enforcement officers encounter a nude individual, the presumption is that there is something very wrong. How much clothing is the Read more »

Gathering Information for Investigations

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Facial recognition, fake cell tower interception, surveillance flights, and license plate readers all have two things in common. They solve crimes and they cause privacy concerns. When does good investigative police work cross the line to an invasion of privacy? Do criminals have the right to privacy? Should citizens Read more »

Public Safety Working Together

By Stephen Owsinski With the nationwide manhunt for the Alabama jail escapee and corrections officer garnering tons of media attention, the ill-fated finale evolved in Monday morning quarterbacks questioning how law enforcement and fire personnel handled the scene. Despite reams of media portrayals derived from body-worn cameras delivering hardcore reality and imperfect humans mitigating an Read more »

The Drug War We Can’t Stop Fighting

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Drug laws have been all over the map since the first federal legislation started regulating them. A 1912 international agreement obligated all participating nations to regulate opium traffic within their borders. The U.S. Congress passed the 1914 Harrison Narcotic Act to meet the treaty obligations. Intended to be a Read more »

The Challenge of Diagnosing Mental Health Issues

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Police agencies have been criticized for their handling of calls regarding people with mental illness. The major problem is not the ignorance of police officers in dealing with the mentally ill. The challenge is knowing if someone has a mental illness at the time of the police contact. If Read more »

Police Academies Shaping the Future of Public Safety

By Stephen Owsinski Well before the March 28 White House announcement regarding the 2023 fiscal budget, especially the portions pertaining to law enforcement, America’s police academies have all been business as usual. Although police recruitment efforts have been a challenge in some regions of the nation, law enforcement training centers I continue analyzing are priming Read more »

The Wicked Flee

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D There is a biblical proverb among the words chiseled in the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C.: “The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” One might not expect a Bible verse to be the rationale for a proven law enforcement Read more »

Something Sketchy About Identifying Suspects

By Stephen Owsinski Although technology is prevalent in modern-day policing, some old-school methods remain as pointed as a sharpened pencil. Police sketch artists putting pencil to paper were all the rave back in the day, well before the tech we have nowadays. Yet some law enforcement agencies retain the antiquity of a police sketch artist Read more »