Politicians Attempt to Impede Federal Officers by Nixing Plainclothes Operations Against Leftist Insurrections

By Steve Pomper The anti-cop lefts’ lack of understanding of proper and necessary law enforcement procedures is dumbfounding. But I think it’s more a belligerent ignorance than a legitimate ignorance (simply not knowing enough to understand). The anti-cop left doesn’t want to understand or worse, they understand and mischaracterize it intentionally.   I read an opinion article recently, written from an Read More >

The National Police Association Files Amicus Brief in Support of Family of Slain Deputy in Understaffing Lawsuit

The National Police Association (NPA) has filed a friend of the court brief in support of a lawsuit filed by the family of Deputy Daniel McCartney, who was fatally shot while responding to a call. Deputy McCartney, 34, was shot in the line of duty on January 7, 2018, while responding to a home invasion Read More >

Family of Pierce County (WA) Deputy Sues for Wrongful Death, Blames County for Deliberately Understaffing Department

By Steve Pomper Cops know there are always unintended negative consequences when politicians, spurred on by community activists, attempt knee-jerk “fixes” for what they erroneously see as law enforcement “problems.” One of these consequences is the increase in violent crime in many places across the U.S., which corresponds to a reduction in the number of officers Read More >

Leftist Radicals Pounce on Opportunity to Go After Law and Order Sheriff

By Steve Pomper All traditional or conservative Americans need to understand something very important in this battle against anti-police activists. Many continue to respond to them as political opponents rather than the sociocultural enemy they’ve become. A recent incident in Washington State illustrates this enemy’s anti-cop pounce. The media and Black Lives Matter are attacking Pierce Read More >

Revolving Door of the Criminal Justice System Imperils Police and Citizens

By Stephen Owsinski The criminal justice system has some weak links, and the police component is not one of them. The ongoing lunacy regarding liberal enclaves and their district attorneys and/or judges handing out go-free keys to bona fide criminals’ zero intent on going straight pervades communities, imperils police who keep repeating the cycle of Read More >

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