Police Widow Building Mountain Retreat for Law Enforcement Officers

Surplus Military Equipment Safeguards Police Lives at Standoff

By Stephen Owsinski Despite the naysayers who believe “scary” surplus military equipment provided to America’s law enforcement agencies ought to be banned forever, one of the latest barricaded subject standoffs illustrates the usefulness of armored apparatus, especially protecting cops extraordinarily well while they defuse situations. In the San Carlos Park community in Lee County, Florida, Read more »

Law-Enforcement Legacies and Handing-In Tin

By Stephen Owsinski I didn’t plan on writing about fresh recruits populating America’s police academies, then writing on veteran law enforcement officers concluding cop careers, but the latter group kept showing up lately. Bravo to all of them! Having been there, handing in their tin shield highlights finales for cops who survived the mean streets Read more »

Within the Crime Scene Tape

By Stephen Owsinski “Let’s go to the tape” is a famous line coined by legendary sports broadcaster Howard Cosell. In policing, it has a different tone and meaning. “No one through this tape who doesn’t have an official investigative role” is a line used by police supervisors and/or lead detectives working on horrific events created Read more »

‘Pastors on Patrol’ Tending to First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski The most severe facet among America’s law enforcement officers is the constancy of responding to acts of human depravity and absorbing society’s ugly side. If only our species were coated by Teflon… As humans with emotional capacity, events in our lives tend to sway, sometimes making our thoughts seem like cliffhangers…with no Read more »

Pro-Police Legislature Backs the Blue with Bills

By Stephen Owsinski Once again, the pro-police Florida Legislature generated a robust bill to back the blue, touting “the most law enforcement-friendly state in the nation” title. This time, it was not only pay raises and $1000 bonuses for Florida law enforcement officers (just like last year), but also $5000 signing on bonuses for cops Read more »

‘Move Over Law’ and Life in the Fast Lane

By Stephen Owsinski Law enforcement officers sign up, swear in, and hit the road. Duty-bound cops know of myriad uncertainties and train ad nauseum so that every possible predicament may be mitigated, paramount of which is preserving life—theirs and yours. The law that is designed to help protect and preserve police officers while they protect Read more »

You’ll Never Know How Much Cops Do Just by Being There

By Steve Pomper  There’s a crucial facet of police work that people rarely consider. This is partially because there’s nothing concrete to point to. Cops (and the community) never know how much crime they prevent just by being there. How many crimes, property and violent, do cops prevent simply by rolling down an alley or walking Read more »

Those Who Heed the Call of Justice

By Stephen Owsinski Like the mountain goats who scale rocky ledges and push to new highs, determined souls join police academies and discover untapped energy levels and skillsets to help keep them alive on the job. With the reduction of police staffing due to anti-cop idiocy compelling cops to depart the profession, these freshly minted Read more »