Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

Positive Reinforcement in a Negativistic Anti-Police Era

By Stephen Owsinski The anti-police movement is inescapable for everyone, especially America’s law enforcement officers confronting the evils of society while also being hounded by negativistic mouthpieces chanting the abolition of public safety heroes. As antithetical as it gets. As is customary in law enforcement circles, for good and bad duty days, positive reinforcement is Read more »

Protecting Police Dogs

By Stephen Owsinski Every time I realize another police canine is gifted life-saving ballistic vests sponsored by the National Police Association —made possible thanks to the patronage of pro-police subscribers’ generosity and caring hearts— I am contented knowing they fight the good fight with protective barriers on their bodies. Generally, it is larger law enforcement Read more »

Pride in Policing

By Stephen Owsinski I started seeing more posts from police organizations heralding their officers for staying the course, for dutifully braving the frontlines in the incendiary face of anarchy and malevolence beefed up by antithetical government policies and putrid anti-police messaging. This material is not only to honor those cops who attended a roll call Read more »

Law Enforcement Lauds Prosecutor That Prosecutes

By Stephen Owsinski Given all the grief we have seen with so-called prosecutors handing out antithetical liberties to law violators who victimize innocents, it is refreshing and reassuring to know prosecutors in law-and-order jurisdictions stand with victims, partner with law enforcement, and prosecute cases built by cops. Recently, my county’s sheriff publicly praised our Judicial Read more »

Traffic Stops Produce Safer Roads and Reduce Crime

By Stephen Owsinski States prohibiting cops from conducting traffic stops are effectively permitting all manner of criminality a free pass to ride on by, victimize innocents down the road, and poison American streets with narcotics. The notion of any policymaker anywhere to bar law enforcement officers from enforcing the laws, both traffic and criminal, remains Read more »

The Fourth of July and American Exceptionalism

By Steve Pomper The signing of the Declaration of Independence, Philadelphia, 1776, painted by John Trumbull, 1819 During the Independence Day weekend, my wife and I always watch the John Adams miniseries and The Patriot because it makes us feel proud of our miraculous and exceptional nation. Some folks claim the U.S. is not exceptional. But Read more »

American Tribal Police Departments’ Unique History and Challenges

By Steve Pomper Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Highway Patrol SUV This brief look at the unique operations and relationships between tribal and local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in those areas where they converge puts lesser-known aspects of American policing on cop supporters’ radar. There are distinctive issues facing Indian nations that can severely affect Read more »

‘Paint the Town Blue’ for National Police Week

By Stephen Owsinski Heralding our nation’s brave law enforcement officers throughout the year is pinnacled during National Police Week, from May 14 thru 20, 2023. Police agencies across America hold localized events commemorating the fallen at their memorial sites. Independently, citizens show their police support by illuminating blue lights at homes and businesses. In Florida, Read more »