Happy New Year?

Happy New Year?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It may be a new year, but in the world of police work, is anything really new? It took less than 48 hours into 2023 for the first murder of a police officer. Chief Justin McIntire of the Brackenridge Borough Police Department, Pennsylvania was part of the pursuit of Read more »

Police Pressers and Social Media Sniping

By Stephen Owsinski The burgeon of keyboard warriors commenting nastily to just about every police presser, while PIOs (public information officers) are dutifully conveying details to the public, has become an unfortunate aspect stemming from the anti-police movement. The vile and prejudicial commentary against the law enforcement institution has become downright despicable, needlessly taunting the Read more »

Finally, Police Allowed to Arrest Antifa Militants

By Steve Pomper Antifa boasts chapters all over the world It’s disconcerting for cops to see politically compromised federal law enforcement focus its prosecutorial attention on one politically aligned group for an hours-long melee. Meanwhile, they ignore another group with a different political view that has committed a thousand times more violence (including against cops) and Read more »

Border Patrol: Combatting Cartels at Walls and On Water

By Stephen Owsinski The incessant flow of illegal narcotics cartels relentlessly pushed into our country is astounding—even as the White House seems meh on the matter. The mainstream media is not necessarily informing the public of the scourge either. Surprised about any of this? Me neither. That’s why I prefer to go directly to the Read more »

Cheers to People Who Support Their Cops

By Stephen Owsinski I was in a retailer the other day when I noticed a uniformed police officer enter, magnetizing many shoppers’ attention. It’s natural. Some may wonder, Is everything all right? Others may be happy to see an officer of the law —a bona fide protector— on the populated premises where plenty of goods Read more »

Signing Out at the Precinct…for the Final Time

By Stephen Owsinski Several days in a row, I signed on to the interwebs to see police retirees depart the precinct for the final time, taking with them scores of law enforcement experience and wisdom. With pride in their posture and tears in their eyes, these historical events mark not necessarily the end of life Read more »

Challenge Coins and the Lore of Law Enforcement Tokens

By Stephen Owsinski Just as the branches of the United States military grant a multitude of challenge coins honoring those who serve, so do law enforcement agencies gift the tokens of stewardship to cops. Similar to police personnel exchanging shoulder patches as a gesture of recognizing each other doing The Job and all it entails, Read more »

Cops Help People; People Help Cops: Citizenship 101

By Steve Pomper        LVMPD Officers on Nevada Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 2020 I read a report and saw a video on Twitter the other day about police officers rescuing people from a flash flood in California. While the officers, who appeared fit, could navigate the raging knee-high water cascading down the slick street, a woman Read more »

Camaraderie Among Cops

By Stephen Owsinski One of the fascinating aspects of joining the men and women whose mission is to provide public safety is the inherent camaraderie law enforcement officers revel in as selfless crimefighters managing to endure daily perils. You’ve likely heard the monikers “I got your back” or “I’ve got your six” or “Let’s do Read more »