Tampa police aviation unit honors fallen heroes in unique, uplifting way

By Stephen Owsinski Of the many specialized units among law enforcement agencies, most are pretty prevalent. Police boots on the ground are the mainstay warriors dealing with all manner of societal dilemmas as well as everyday innocuous interactions among the community’s citizens. Patrol is the most visible deployment of peacekeepers, operating in various modes of Read More >

St. Louis Prosecutor Accused of Tampering with Evidence in McCloskey Case

By Steve Pomper   We all know that in many of America’s major cities radicals have transported law enforcement to Bizarro World—that fictional DC Comics alternate universe where everything is backward. Sadly, the cops aren’t working in a fictional world. It’s all too real. Still, our world is operating backwards. District attorneys now prosecute cops for Read More >

National Police Association Files Amicus Brief Supporting Law Enforcement in Portland, Oregon Against Threat to Police Safety

“Peaceful Protests” in Portland, OR The National Police Association (NPA) has filed a friend of the court brief asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon to rule against the self-described journalists, legal observers and photographers, who have brought suit against local and federal law enforcement. The suit, filed by the American Civil Read More >

National Police Association sends Thank You cards to Cops signed by supporters of Law Enforcement from across the country.

In the midst of the harassment faced by the law enforcement  we sent thousands of Thank You cards signed by Law Enforcement supporters from across the country to the Minneapolis PD, 2nd Precinct,  and the Portland, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City Police. The cards are a show of appreciation  for their protection, their courage and Read More >

The social workers conducting police work ideology lacks one significant requisite

By Stephen Owsinski The drum beat regarding the social experiment of replacing cops with social workers has begun, and it is seriously flawed and lacking a main ingredient: constitutionality. To begin our analysis, it is necessary to implore the existence of social workers and the fabulous work they do for many citizens around the country. Read More >

Amid Anti-Police Hostility, Courageous Cops Continue to Risk Their Lives for The People They Serve

By Steve Pomper  There are two stories here. There is the straight news story about what happened, and there is the story from the perspective of one driver it happened to. I’m thinking this is one guy would never vote to defund the police. Recently, in Silverdale, Washington, on the Kitsap Peninsula, 17 miles west of Read More >

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