Caring for Police Canines

Caring for Police Canines

By Stephen Owsinski Police canines and their human handlers have been making the news a lot lately—as well they should, especially for all the dynamo police work they accomplish on behalf of citizens’ safety. Yet there is a dynamic in police service animals that are hardly highlighted, one deserving of accolades for the care and Read more »

Working in Winter Wonderland: Cops Brave Elements

By Stephen Owsinski Although it is a classic tribute to U.S. postal employees out there delivering “through rain, sleet, or snow,” our nation’s law enforcement officers also befit the distinction…on every holiday, often working in winter wonderlands that dreadfully hinder efforts. Nevertheless, public safety presence is there while citizens celebrate by exchanging presents. Despite the Read more »

Is Turnover Good for Policing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Police departments are scrambling to find and keep qualified candidates. Recently published reports show that the average person will change careers anywhere from 3 to 15 times during their working lives. Those estimates vary depending on the source, but it does appear that the American workforce is restless. The Read more »

Sunglasses and Stern Expressions

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D We all know the image of the trooper peering in the driver’s side window asking for license and registration. The stereotype is the officer leaning from the doorpost wearing mirrored sunglasses, no hint of joy in his heart, and a cop mustache. It may not be far from reality Read more »

Finally, Police Allowed to Arrest Antifa Militants

By Steve Pomper Antifa boasts chapters all over the world It’s disconcerting for cops to see politically compromised federal law enforcement focus its prosecutorial attention on one politically aligned group for an hours-long melee. Meanwhile, they ignore another group with a different political view that has committed a thousand times more violence (including against cops) and Read more »

Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer, Targeted by Cop-Hating WA Gov. Jay Inslee, Acquitted

By Steve Pomper This case smelled rancid from the beginning and has continued to reek of fake racism throughout the investigation, prosecution, and unsurprising acquittal. For purely political purposes, cop-hating tyrants Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson targeted an elected sheriff. And they prosecuted a sitting sheriff based on an opportunistic newspaper delivery person, Read more »

Border Patrol: Combatting Cartels at Walls and On Water

By Stephen Owsinski The incessant flow of illegal narcotics cartels relentlessly pushed into our country is astounding—even as the White House seems meh on the matter. The mainstream media is not necessarily informing the public of the scourge either. Surprised about any of this? Me neither. That’s why I prefer to go directly to the Read more »