Dog Helps Cops Locate and Rescue Two Men Injured in Car Wreck

Dog Helps Cops Locate and Rescue Two Men Injured in Car Wreck

By Steve Pomper  You’ve heard that, for cops, there’s no such thing as a routine call. While that’s true, there are some calls obliterate routine. Take this both heartwarming and bone-chilling (literally) recent story out of northern New England. Two men in a 2019 Ford F350 pickup truck traveling on NB Interstate-89, had just crossed the Read more »

The Thin Blue Line is a Rainbow

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The year isn’t over yet as I write this, so the number of law enforcement deaths will increase before 2022 dawns. 2021’s list on the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP) is already bloated. In addition to the increase in ambushes, the usual murders of officers arresting violent offenders, and Read more »

The Essential Right of Self-Defense

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The Rittenhouse trial has generated a lot of debate where no debate is really necessary. The case, and the verdict, are symbolic of nothing other than the particular facts at hand, even though the national attention it garnered made it appear to be precedent-setting. The rules of self-defense do Read more »

Exponential Saves Throughout Cops’ Careers

By Stephen Owsinski It’s not every day that law enforcement officers get to receive kudos for phenomenal police work, and that is certainly not why courageous people enter the perilous business of public safety. Given its decentralized infrastructure, the roughly 18, 500 law enforcement entities spanning the U.S. chronicle life-saving feats and dividends thereof on Read more »

Two Decades Since 9/11, Yesteryear Heroes Remain on the Job

By Stephen Owsinski It’s been two decades since two terrorist-hijacked planes slammed into two very tall world-renowned towers, both ultimately crumbling to the ground. Before, during and after the diabolical action, law enforcement officers were either already in the World Trade Center complex, rushing to it in attempts to salvage lives after the unspeakable happened, Read more »

Behind Closed Doors—Swiftness of Cops Saving Lives

By Stephen Owsinski One of America’s best stopping powers going up against malevolence is the law enforcement institution and its roughly 850,000 cops trying to preempt and/or mitigate bad actors from inflicting harm upon innocents. As the mantra goes, cops can’t be everywhere at once is a static truth belying logistical utopia underscoring our massive Read more »