Standing In During a Neighboring Police Agency’s Funeral for the Fallen

‘SWAT Roundup International’ Joins Tactical Police from Around the Globe

By Stephen Owsinski Every year, SWAT teams from around the world travel to a central location where police tactical skills and precision are exhibited and evaluated, culminating in a standout winner whose hard-earned points garner honors for superb law enforcement operations, all on full display at the annual SWAT Roundup International. Bringing uber-talented police tacticians Read more »

Cops Often Wonder Whatever Happened To…? Here’s One Who Found Out.

By Steve Pomper Sgt. Jeff Valdivia and Deputy Natalie Young at Young’s Graduation Ceremony. (Photo) Escondido Police Department Facebook Page A thought that occasionally crosses every cop’s mind is, “I wonder whatever happened to___?” Officers will fill in the blank with all sorts of suspects, witnesses, and victims—but most especially child victims. I remember responding to Read more »

Public Safety: There for Each Other, There for You

By Stephen Owsinski As Hurricane Ian entered from the Gulf of Mexico, demolished oceanfront cities, dredged across Florida, and exited via the Sunshine State’s east coast, its trajectory targeting South Carolina, law enforcement executives from all over poured in police resources to engage in search-and-rescue operations, especially in jurisdictions flattened by nature’s unstoppable fury. Given Read more »

Public Safety Resources During Natural Disasters

By Stephen Owsinski In the worst of times, we may see the best applications of unique equipment meant for major incidents such as natural disasters, and that’s where we find ourselves as Florida’s public safety agencies deployed unorthodox apparatus to combat the impacts of Hurricane Ian. Marshaling equipment engineered for land and waterborne search-and-rescue missions Read more »

State Troopers Help Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico

By Stephen Owsinski Contingents of state troopers from the New York State Police and the New Jersey State Police were bid adieu at northeast airports after they deboarded buses and hopped on airplanes headed to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Fiona ravaged the island, leaving it powerless and in despair. As with prior natural disasters, first Read more »

Cops Going Head-On Against Wrong-Way Drivers

By Stephen Owsinski Wrong-way drivers crazily rocketing on interstates and other highways and byways persist in America, and our nation’s valiant law enforcement officers exemplify their oath by placing themselves directly in the path of these human-steered projectiles. Many are impeded by cruisers operated by courageous cops, saving an untold number of lives by blockading Read more »

Police Canine Shot Three Times, Will Return to Full Duty

By Stephen Owsinski Like their human counterparts, police canines take the hits yet rebound to fight crime another day. On July 22, 2022, one such law enforcement service dog and his human handler engaged a trio of malfeasants in the northeastern part of Florida. From First Coast News, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office received calls of Read more »

Civilian Heroes Abound

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Headlines like “Mob Attacks Police”, “Officer Ambushed in Patrol Car”, and “Officer Attacked While Bystanders Film” reflect a terrible trajectory for society. It can be a small thing like a thumbs up, a friendly wave, or an anonymous payment for a cup of coffee or a meal for an Read more »