Police Week: The Asterisk*

Police Week: The Asterisk*

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I remember walking, tourist-like, through an old cemetery in Savanah, Georgia on a weekend road trip while at FLETC. I just like old cemeteries. One of the saddest benevolent lies is found there: “Gone but not forgotten”. As I scanned the ancient headstones, I notice that there seemed to Read more »

The Heavy Toll of Police Work

By Stephen Owsinski For me, morning coffee-time involves a lot of reading. This morning I came across a quote that compelled introspection and reminiscence, ebbing back to yonder years when I worked a midnight-shift beat, experiencing an unrelenting tide of episodes in which humanitarian concepts seemed distorted, absent. Depravity appeared to have an enormous appetite. Read more »

Florida Sheriff: ‘This Drug House is Closed’

By Stephen Owsinski Piggybacking on an article I recently wrote about law enforcement executives leading from the front, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno demonstrated the point by suiting up in special ops gear, saddling up with his agency’s narcotics unit deputies, and shutting down a drug operation for good. In the culmination of a successful Read more »

Leading from the Front in Law Enforcement

By Stephen Owsinski My prior article touched upon the strength of law enforcement leaders who have that special stuff to get through enormous challenges and mentor the troops to cope effectively. Today, we trail off a tad and look at police chiefs and sheriffs working the street beat and going hands-on, just like days of Read more »

Selfless Cops in a League of Their Own

By Stephen Owsinski Police work is one of the most unique facets of our society, and cops perform in a league of their own sometimes referred to as the Justice League). Besides putting up the scoreboard numbers indicating myriad lives saved (while wearing mourning bands for their fallen) and a bevy of other huge successes, Read more »

Everything is Not Code 4

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Radio codes vary from agency to agency, but most I’ve been around use Code 4 as “everything is OK”. That doesn’t really mean that everything is ok, it just means that for the moment, as far as the officer on the scene can tell, nobody is trying to kill Read more »

Emergency Services Units and Extraordinary Duties

By Stephen Owsinski Even though the patrol division is the traditional nucleus of every police organization, elite units diligently train to exceed the ordinary boundaries, often resulting in extraordinary saves. Bomb squads and SWAT teams and aviators and scuba divers are what we are generally talking about. Specifically, we’ll explore the Emergency Services Unit (ESU). Read more »

A Cut Above the Rest: Cop Enduring Chemo Sees ‘Shear’ Solidarity

By Stephen Owsinski Although there are formal websites dedicated to monetarily supporting cops with cancer, which is self-explanatory in two distinct ways, a contingent of law enforcement officers with the Jamestown Police Department informally sought out shears and snipped away their coifs to show solidarity for one of their own: A cop with cancer, experiencing Read more »