Pro-Police Governors Sweeten the Pot, Embrace First Responders

Pro-Police Governors Sweeten the Pot, Embrace First Responders

By Stephen Owsinski (Featured image: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis hands a Jacksonville cop a $1000 bonus check. Photo courtesy of Office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.) When Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced additional economic investments to pillar all first responders yesterday, my initial response was Wow! Not because it was uncharacteristic of him and the Read more »

Healthy Homes Allows Peace Officers’ Mental Health to Thrive

By Steve Pomper  For law enforcement officers, today, navigating a career while maintaining health, both physical and mental, is crucial. Whether the officer is single, married, married with children, single with children, or whatever domestic configuration, a cop’s challenges are unique, especially in the anti-cop environment shrouding too much of our nation. Each officer processes emotionally Read more »

The Cop’s Holiday Spirit

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D There are a lot of great things about being in law enforcement. There’s a sense of purpose, experiences of saving lives, bringing peace to chaos, the internal assurance that the world is an incrementally better place with you in it. Granted, there are days and seasons when it takes Read more »

Univ. of Cali Student: ‘There is No Reason at All to Decrease the Number of Officers’

By Stephen Owsinski Here we go again, with the spoon-feed of lies pushing cops-are-the-problem pablum as if we are undeveloped brains deficient in distinguishing for ourselves what/who the real troublemakers are in our society. The statement quoted in our title comes from a shoes-on-the-ground student, on the heels of the University of California—Davis administration announcing Read more »

The Essential Right of Self-Defense

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The Rittenhouse trial has generated a lot of debate where no debate is really necessary. The case, and the verdict, are symbolic of nothing other than the particular facts at hand, even though the national attention it garnered made it appear to be precedent-setting. The rules of self-defense do Read more »

The Myth of Militarization

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D As disturbances around the country explode after officer-involved suspect deaths, law enforcement is standing by to provide a measure to mitigate violence and property damage. Dramatic video of armored vehicles and riot-gear clad police often incite cries that the police are provoking violence, as though donning protective gear lights Read more »

Running Into Danger is No Myth

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D We’ve seen it in dozens, if not hundreds, of news reports and bystander videos. People rushing, faces full of fear, dragging children and loved ones along with them, running for safety as flames rise or the sound of gunshots or explosions echo. Mostly they are doing the sane thing Read more »

Not Only Re-Funding Cops but Also Putting Police Back in Schools

By Steve Pomper  The public-school district I’ve lived in for three decades, and put three kids through, booted school resource officers out of schools last year, during the tidal wave of anti-police stupidity. They used fake accusations of fake racism and fake fear to do it. The district alleged “students of color” recoiled in fear of police officers Read more »