Rittenhouse Saga Reflects What Cops Endure When Rogue Prosecutions Attack

Rittenhouse Saga Reflects What Cops Endure When Rogue Prosecutions Attack

By Stephen Owsinski

Rittenhouse has become a household name after the young man exercised his constitutional rights to bear arms and defend himself with said weaponry against armed threats confronting/assaulting him on a city street in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 25, 2020.

On November 19, 2021, a jury of his/our peers acquitted him on all counts levied by a rogue prosecution team whose courtroom performance was undeniably more akin to a vaudevillian skit than a skilled asset of the American justice system.

Upon the verdict being read and the news media pushing out notice of the across-the-board acquittal, musing among constitutionalists started, specifically with regard to how many cops must feel when they, too, are subjected to erroneous charges for which even non-critical thinking can easily muster indignities being inflicted maliciously and without merit.

Fair to wonder how his entire event will impact young Mr. Rittenhouse. If it is anything reminiscent of far too many cases waged against law enforcement officers, whose manifest duties are predicated on the U.S. Constitution, deft training, and just about any manner of police experience (one year or 21 years), his brain may boggle for quite some time. Or forever. Former Ferguson, Missouri police Officer Darren Wilson comes to mind.

Although a grand jury declined to prosecute Officer Wilson, his name was tainted regardless. As you may recall, Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder poked his nose in the Ferguson incident. Many liars claiming Officer Wilson was suspect came clean. What a debacle, one which took a great cop away from fighting the good fight:

Last I heard or saw anything about him (those words colorize the point we are forming), it was reported he had no choice but to go into hiding with his family, evading death threats born of a propagated false narrative which placed the stellar policeman in the reticle of ridicule forever.

I learned that Rittenhouse was a police cadet corps member who embraced Blue Lives Matter principles. Sounds like he was destined for a police career. Will he ever get the opportunity, now that his name was tainted and tarred, thanks to a crazy-train prosecution?

Already (and likely many more days to come), we are hearing from one particular myopic demographic which, exactly like they do to cops, exhaust virtue signaling, bullhorn-blast falsities, putty together public opinion as if it is scriptural truth, mysteriously blot out the Constitution’s insightful relegations of guiding principles and readily incite violence…all before a scintilla of evidence is in hand and a fact or two is known.

So much for that innocent until proven guilty in a court of law credo we all believe in and hope we never have to test, like cops and Rittenhouse and others in similar dire constructs propagated by unreasoned reactionaries who compel judges to favor fictions.

Fox News panel host Greg Gutfeld put forth a truth bomb on not only Rittenhouse’s attributes but also the defund-the-police movement:

“It was a victory for self-defense. It was a victory for the Second Amendment, it was a victory for people who don’t like pedophiles, who don’t like riots, who don’t like domestic abusers. It is a loss for CNN, a loss for MSNBC, a loss for stupid people, a loss for people who want to defund the police. It’s a loss for the legacy media that try to change the narrative away from the truth and create a basket of lies.”

One thing I haven’t necessarily seen for cops that the Rittenhouse ordeal emphasized is the legal positioning pertaining to filing lawsuits against all those who maligned his character and slandered his name, essentially finding him guilty before he even knew the décor of the courtroom in which he would spend agonizing weeks wondering about scales and the veracity of Lady Justice’s blindfold symbolizing impartiality and objective reasoning.

Interesting how the lawsuit perspective came out around the verdict moment. Fast writing of at least one incontrovertible fact. Or was it formulated and in the hopper until promptly needed to “break the story” regarding foregone conclusion?

It will boggle our minds even more than necessary. For instance, Mr. Brandon Biden’s mug is making its rounds on varying news sources, citing his prejudicial conduct and slanderous remarks toward Rittenhouse. Fox News title “Biden will ‘pay for’ characterizing Rittenhouse as a ‘white supremacist’: Terrell” says everything.

Given the litany of cops haphazardly charged by rogue, biased prosecutors trying severely flawed cases based on court of public opinion impetus, shouldn’t there be a very long line of LEOs petitioning as plaintiffs, for damages done to not only their reputations and livelihood but also their family sanctity?

The National Police Association recently reported on a few Seattle police officers and their rights to litigate against a city councilwoman whose forked tongue spits disdain for law enforcement can proceed…after it was denied by a biased lower court judge who tossed impartiality in the Dumpster.

There are so many more cops out there who were baselessly subjected to judicial proceedings and plundered of dignity among many other human facets, let alone left in despair and bereft of basics.

It is understandable if this demographic of cops hopes to never see the interior of a courtroom again. Yet having one’s day in court, on the opposite side of a Defendant table, seems delectable and of empirical import for similar badges blemished by prejudicial proceedings and punctually maligned by mainstream media. The game must be called!

Rittenhouse went in knowing nothing about how courthouse functions operate and ultimately came out exonerated and vindicated. Cops, conversely, know much ado about courthouses and the justice system machinations yet either barely win, outright lose freedom, or are found innocent with prejudice.

That last part alludes to law enforcement officers who, when the media mics and lights are still buzzing and burning at the corner of Fifth and Main, or whatever crime scene location involved an officer-involved shooting, are subjected to already-formed judgments. Never mind facts. Forget veracity. The real criminal culprit gets a pacifier.

Like former Ferguson Officer Wilson had to do with severe angst and boatloads of anxiety, Rittenhouse, at his tender age, will need to sustain a semblance of living unscathed. How that will play out is anyone’s guess. Similar to cops whose careers were obliterated by nefarious prosecutions and unrelenting persecutions, finding a role with warm welcome and safe environs perpetuate decency and livable wage will be tremendously challenging, thanks to the mob and their pre-formed He is guilty! mentality.

A Fox News post illustrated this point perfectly when they published a batch of photos, one in which depicted a female protester outside the courthouse, holding a sign which read “Rittenhouse Racist Killer! The people’s verdict: GUILTY!” That was followed by the tagline “Party for Socialism and Liberation.”

That array of photos depicted protesters in major cities across America, all rebuking the Rittenhouse verdict, some with that same exact sign reading “Rittenhouse Racist Killer! The people’s verdict: GUILTY!” Each was professionally printed, evidently implying they prepped for the time when such signs would be deployed. Foresights? Facing facts and truth? Difficulty possessing the ability to accept justice and get on with lives? Seems a potpourri of raw factors betraying ill-conceived public opinion versus statutory stipulations. Whatever, that is some strange psychology, the kind ordinarily employed by politicians running a race which could go either way. The point seems clear: Prepare to raise cane (their rights, within constitutional tenets) after tacitly conceding the truth belying the response from a jury of peers.

Despite judicial outcomes, some segments among society just can’t let go of the glaringly false narrative regarding horrific instances when one individual defers to Second Amendment rights to bear arms and utilize them when facing statistical mortality. Rittenhouse’s young mind knew enough about the subject of self-preservation and his right to defend. As a matter of routine throughout daily duty, cops know these self-defense tenets —the its either me or him psychology mused milliseconds before tragedies ensue— and take necessary, appropriate, and life-sustaining actions afforded by the Constitution, no matter who judges it differently.

Denial is a vicious thing which can sour the soul and poison the mind of humans hell-bent on an outcome, despite the facts and statutes and totality of circumstances surrounding an event—any event. Getting ready to exhibit constitutionally protected protests against anyone mainstaying his/her constitutional rights to due process and judicial decisions is not necessarily blurry. But…showing up at Rittenhouse protests with professionally made signs and banners betrays the overall antithetical push behind the infamous defund-the-police and abolish-the-police movements.

Seems these browbeaters plan in advance (signs) and lump together all-things-wrong with the world, at least in their tantrummy minds.

In the tumble of events encountered in our society, the steady and staticky shrills of anti-police sorts always worm their way through and into matters unrelated to the foremost thing being contested. Using Brooklyn, New York’s Barclay Center (where the newest NYPD academy recruits graduate en masse) as a backdrop, Rittenhouse protesters were duly prepped and hunkered together, holding a banner which read “Disarm Defund Abolish” under which was the entity targeting public safety heroes: “DEFUNDNYPD.com.”

Seemingly thousands clogged city streets, marching behind three cohorts who held the aforementioned banner.

Having grown up in Brooklyn, NYPD cops see everything under the blazing sun and glowing moon, so such reality-plays sway no one with a justice badge, exemplifying constitutional guarantees upheld by cops yet maligned by antagonists who trumpet different principles than American ideals of democracy delineating rights.

An image recorded by Fox News illustrates a bullhorn-armed anti-cop, Rittenhouse-verdict protester bugling nonsense at a NYPD cop maintaining some semblance of lawful order while throngs of dissenters do their thing. The beat goes on. Law enforcement officers dutifully manage the morass and maintain constitutional protections…until that line is crossed and bastardized.

Perhaps expected nowadays are the crop-ups of police defunders unrelentingly feeling the need for attention, albeit negative and laced in alternate reality. Imagining Rittenhouse’s legal representation tab which started tabulating the moment he was charged, it shocks the conscience that, like LEOs being subjected to such grotesque maneuvers from anti-sorts, was defunded. I kid you not at all…

A report published by Insider revealed how the fund-sourcing folks owning GoFundMe, allowing ordinary people who find themselves on the short end of the stick to raise capital in their behalf, have revoked “hundreds” of accounts which accumulated legal defense financing for Rittenhouse. Feeling the heat, GoFundMe execs cited their “Policy” and “Terms of Service” effectively prohibiting “raising money for the legal defense of an alleged violent crime.”


“Innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law.

Private entities can structure their policies as they wish; I get that. Yet the implications are contrarian to the innocent until proven guilty clause we all hold dear. Now that he is exonerated, GoFundMe declared Rittenhouse fundraisers can commence.

Anyone know if he was banished from Twitter yet?

It’s bizarre. It’s stifling. It’s freedom-crushing behaviors such as this which rock the nation like a bobbled snow-globe. The tumult persists until matters settle, until the next brouhaha launched by someone with conferred power and authority, wielding it all with reckless abandon. In the wake is a litany of cops unjustly pounded and pushed into ruination, far from the expected impartiality of justice and balanced scales.

How Rittenhouse’s life continues from here is anyone’s guess. Like law enforcement officers in similar contextual circumstances, protecting themselves is task numero uno, and surviving after having their face plastered all over, having their name sullied before due process is implemented, is shamefully the new normal under chronically twisted (hijacked) interpretations of the U.S. Constitution.

Following online police-related personalities, the Rittenhouse verdict and ensuing unrest among those who want it their way…gives way to experienced police personnel reiterating everyone’s rights to bear arms and self-defense.

Like cops who have found themselves in similar constructs, with public opinion overriding truth and bulldozing lives and careers to their utter delight, young Rittenhouse has the option to pick up the pieces and assemble something worthy and forward-thinking and self-sustaining in a sphere which contains detractors baselessly wishing for his failure. (I wonder if he wonders about his aspiration to law enforcement beyond cadet level.)

The usual suspects will be outed as minutes tick beyond the verdict. Rogue prosecutors exist, unfortunately. Just ask any cop who found themselves on the receiving end of proverbial witch hunts spawned by fallacies and fiats and public opinion, despite doing the job according to laws and policies and training and experiential endowment, all underscored with fidelity.

Personally, the prosecution against Rittenhouse effectively, albeit mindbogglingly, portrayed a bizarre performance of someone who wittingly or unwittingly undermined himself, decided to trade barbs and challenge the judge’s intellect, disrespected the court and its presiding dominion, likely made Lady Justice roll her eyes under that iconic blindfold, and ostensibly had zero hints that he was blueprinting buffoonery before the bench. Prosecutorial misconduct seems like a starting point to finally reel in these legal zealots. That would place smiles on many police faces.

Rittenhouse’s defense team didn’t even remotely need to petition the courts for mercy, given the facts countering the charges. Pity for the prosecutor, however, comes to mind, and much is to be gleaned from the state attorneys involved in this boondoggle of a trial. Police officers who found themselves sitting at Defendant tables in courtrooms across the country know this quite well.

Unfortunately for cops with their lives on the line, and duty performance being critiqued and condemned by Soros-brand DAs resembling automatons hellbent on destroying phenomenal police work performed by life-threatened brave souls, the expectation of character assassinations and career-ending shameful sagas plotted by sworn constitutionalists possessing a juris doctorate is a stark reality.

Among many cops who have been thrust in the cesspool of street lawyers and their declaratory verdicts before the courtroom lights are switched on, fighting for rights is paramount and gives way for subsequent survival during which truth is a human’s best friend, especially when it seems all else is lost.

As Officer Parker posted on this very subject matter, “This case is not about a kid showing up at a riot with an AR. It’s about…was he justified in defending himself? Not the decision he made, but was he justified in reacting to what he was presented with. People are losing their minds, but I guarantee if your kid was in this situation, you would want him to come home. Stop with the gaslighting. It’s over and done with.”

That statement applies to every single American cop who find themselves in life-and-death situations they never beckoned.

I already conceive police officers the likes of Wilson and a slew of other categorically kindred constitutionalists, reaching out to any among the latest products of court contests, all victors who, despite being redeemed by jurist peers, are perhaps forever made to feel anything other than downfall and stigmatized by the system’s malignant machinations.

It’s uncanny how Rittenhouse endured malicious prosecution remarkably reminiscent of many cops’ courtroom sagas.