All Hands On Deck For Halloween Safety

All Hands On Deck For Halloween Safety

By Stephen Owsinski It is certainly difficult to determine where we are going to wind up in American society and the elbowing by anti-police organisms against our nation’s public safety pros feverishly trying to safeguard those who  cherish life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Way too much needless erosion of our public safety pact Read more »

Police Presence Will Always Make a Massive Difference

By Stephen Owsinski Anyone looking at anti-police media entities intentionally denying the absolute truth about how instrumental cops are in American society is being grossly deprived of myriad major feats, surreal saves, and massive differences made for us all. Police presence among a hugely diverse Constitution-embracing population is ideal. But not everyone gets to enjoy Read more »

Portland Normalizes Addiction, Mental Illness, Crime, and Living on the Streets

By Steve Pomper We all know that the “homeless crisis” infecting so many American cities affects police officers profoundly. First, the nuances of the political manipulation, compounding for decades, must be understood to fully understand the surrounding issues. I believe it began in earnest with the transition in the lexicon. Control the language, control the conversation, Read more »

Will the ‘Truth Social’ Media Platform be Cop Friendly?

By Stephen Owsinski As we mentioned in a previous article, the liberal minds dead set on defunding the police or abolishing them outright continue to abuse power by suppressing law enforcement professionals striving to fulfill the good of all. The latest browbeating of our country’s cops by liberal loons stems from vaccine mandates. Reiterating the Read more »

I Hate To Say I Told You So, But…

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D It didn’t take a prophet to predict the collapse of law and order when the anti-police movement virus spread from criminals and academic philosophers to politicians and government leaders. It also took no supernatural skill to predict that regret, backpedaling, and restoration would inevitably follow. A prime example is Read more »