“We Told You So” is Getting Old

“We Told You So” is Getting Old

By Steve Pomper Every law enforcement officer and lucid mind in America knew the defund-the-police movement was foolish. There was no question it would not work and would make things worse. In a recent front-page story in the Epoch Times, reporter Cara Ding highlights mayors increasing their budgets for the nation’s three largest police departments: the New York Read more »

Portland Normalizes Addiction, Mental Illness, Crime, and Living on the Streets

By Steve Pomper We all know that the “homeless crisis” infecting so many American cities affects police officers profoundly. First, the nuances of the political manipulation, compounding for decades, must be understood to fully understand the surrounding issues. I believe it began in earnest with the transition in the lexicon. Control the language, control the conversation, Read more »

Radical Politicians Still Playing Games with Cops’ Livelihoods

By Steve Pomper Mike Solan, president of the Seattle Police Officers Guild, according to KING 5 News, has announced that, after Monday Oct. 18th, Mayor Jenny Durkan will not immediately fire police officers who have refused, in opposition to a city mandate, to provide the city with private medical records documenting they have received the mRNA Read more »

Family Standing By Cop Charged With Murder for Saving Them

By Steve Pomper How many times can police say, “Here we go again?” I don’t think a day passes where a prosecutor somewhere doesn’t charge a cop with murder for doing his or her job. We all know about George Soros’ posse of non-prosecutors proliferating across America. We’ve seen the destruction of justice wrought by his Read more »

Police Decertification: Who gets to decide who is a “bad cop?”

By Steve Pomper These days it’s crucial to define terms before engaging in any serious debate about an issue. And with the political left’s Orwellian redefining of terms to fit their ideology and control the narrative, it’s become even more essential. Take decertifying bad cops. Six states reportedly have no mechanism for decertifying “bad” police officers: Read more »

Minnesota Prosecutor Will Not Prosecute Police Traffic Stops

By Steve Pomper What if you hired a lactose intolerant milkman and then he refused to deliver milk? You’d fire him, right? Well, perhaps voters in blue jurisdictions should also fire their public prosecutors. In L.A., they’re trying to do just that by recalling DA George Gascon. Like the milkman who won’t deliver milk, voters are Read more »

Don’t shoot – here’s the money

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D If we haven’t had enough forehead slapping, eye-rolling, what the heck moments in the past year, here’s another: paying people not to shoot other people. Saying “Don’t shoot, here take my money” sounds more like a robbery than a social program, but some social engineers think it will save Read more »