Soros Prosecutors Doing to Civilians What They’ve Been Doing to Cops

Soros Prosecutors Doing to Civilians What They’ve Been Doing to Cops

By Steve Pomper BLM Protesters in NYC Many stories about wrongly accused police officers come down to a straightforward question: What else could the officer have reasonably done? Unfortunately, we must insert “reasonably” because, guaranteed, there’s someone out there who’d suggest some equivalent to the “Hollywood” option: “He should have shot the gun out of the Read more »

Is Your Home Truly Your Castle? It Depends

By Steve Pomper Is your home your castle? Well, unfortunately, it depends on where you live and the degree of radicalism afflicting your local prosecutor’s office. The McCloskeys in St. Louis found out the hard way that their Soros-funded county prosecutor prefers to charge the victims of crime rather than the perpetrators, based on politics. If Read more »

Policing in America: The Power of Something Else

By Steve Pomper   There are too many police incidents where loud, cop-haters dislike the force police have used, including lethal. They condemn the officers involved for not doing “something else.” However, they rarely offer what something else should have been. But they are very emphatic about the cop being wrong, so I guess that’s supposed to be Read more »

The Police Don’t Need Reform; The Anti-Police Reformers Do

By Steve Pomper   Does Law Enforcement Need to Be Reformed Just Because Radicals Don’t Like It? No! It’s leftist “police reform” that needs reforming. But it’s tough when even good guys like Senator Tim Scott concede the language to the radicals by adopting the term “police reform.” We should not surrender any terminology to the radical left. Read more »

American Police Staffing Catastrophe: No Quick Fixes

By Steve Pomper   This is getting scary—really scary. Some people think the police staffing crises across our nation will somehow resolve itself, and things will go back to normal. That will not happen because it cannot happen. The damage has been going on for too long and is too severe. Major city police departments are Read more »

Sexual Assault Detective Fired for “No Vax” Ordered Back to Testify in Court

By Steve Pomper   It wasn’t only that agencies are firing law enforcement officers based on (I’ll be kind) dubious “science.” It’s that the officers’ experience, qualifications, conscience, and concerns didn’t matter at all. Rather than the health of employees, it seems to have become about “comply or else.” Damn the future consequences intended and unintended. Read more »

When Police Agencies Pretend Staffing Shortages Don’t Exist

By Steve Pomper  There are so many side issues that arise when law enforcement agencies cannot retain or recruit good officers: New York, Philly, Baltimore; Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis; San Francisco, Portland, Seattle—and Boston all suffer from staffing shortages. One side issue, for example, is there’s word the Seattle Police Department (SPD) will end their nationally Read more »