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The mission of the National Police
Association is to educate
supporters of law enforcement in
how to help police departments
accomplish their goals.


The National Police Association is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization, EIN 82-0647764, founded to educate supporters of law enforcement in how to help police departments accomplish their goals. The National Police Association is supported solely through the generous contributions of individuals and organizations. Donations are tax deductible.

What We Do

In addition to education the NPA uses a dynamic combination of assertive legal filings, in-depth investigations, and clear communications to advance a mission of combating the influence of anti-police activists and helping to hold them accountable. We use the law as a method to highlight abuses by antipolice elected officials, change behavior, and seek corrective action. In addition, we promote policies that encourage public officials to work with police in the public interest, not for the benefit of powerful special interests.

Our Reward Program

The NPA offers rewards in specific cases where violence has been committed against an officer or where officers have been obstructed and prevented from conducting their duties. The terms and conditions are here. Agencies seeking assistence with a reward offer contact us.

Our Legal Advocacy

Too many players in our political system from mayors, to citizen review commissions, to special interest activists see oversight of law enforcement as a way to advance their own interests or the interest of political allies at the expense of effective law enforcement. The NPA works against these forces using the law to create accountability, promote officer safety, and restore order and fairness to our country’s endangered communities. When our investigations uncover potential violations of ethics rules or bar association requirements by anti-police politicians the NPA files complaints asking appropriate agencies and organizations to take action. The NPA also uses document requests and open records laws to prove misconduct and facilitate corrective action.

Our Advocacy Supports

  • The implementation of ‘Broken Windows’ policing policy for all state and local agencies.
  • Authorizing local law enforcement officers to perform federal immigration law enforcement functions.
  • The implementation of Project Exile, for slowing the murder rate through aggressive prosecution of gun offenses under federal laws, instead of the weaker state statutes. Conviction on a federal gun charge carries a minimum, mandatory prison sentence of five years, bond is less available and defendants are sent out of state to serve their sentences.
  • Providing more real time information to responding police officers by developing public and private surveillance camera network partnerships. Join existing surveillance cameras owned by private individuals and businesses with government cameras to maximize resources.
  • The implementation of Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN), a national initiative by the United States Department of Justice to increase prosecution of violent organizations.

Our Providing Tools to Local Law Enforcement

The NPA provides tools to local law enforcement such as legal back up by filing briefs to preserve the legal methods law enforcement officers need to effectively do their job, by educating the public on police techniques such as pro-active policing to generate community support for law enforcement which is a vital tool required by police to do their job, and by conducting morale boosting programs such as the NPA Thank You program because high morale is essential for any law enforcement agency. Additionally, the NPA donates financially to law enforcement related groups such as Police Explorers, Police Cadets, and other programs established to help citizens help police departments accomplish their goals. The NPA provides one scholarship each month for Law Enforcement Officers and Chaplains to obtain training and certification through the International Fellowship of Chaplains.

Our Communications Work

The NPA’s communications works to bring national and local attention to the ethics abuses we discover,
to highlight the scope of the anti-police politics challenging effective law enforcement at every turn and
to build public support for needed actions.


The National Police Association advocates Support the Police, and Back the Blue, because Blue Lives Matter.

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