After Two Years, Defund the Police Has Devastated Public Safety in Many Cities

Soros Prosecutors Doing to Civilians What They’ve Been Doing to Cops

By Steve Pomper BLM Protesters in NYC Many stories about wrongly accused police officers come down to a straightforward question: What else could the officer have reasonably done? Unfortunately, we must insert “reasonably” because, guaranteed, there’s someone out there who’d suggest some equivalent to the “Hollywood” option: “He should have shot the gun out of the Read more »

Anti-Police Activity Goes Professional

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D We’ve seen the ACAB (All Cops Are Bad) protest posters and have heard the shouts amid riots and protests claiming racism and brutality. We tend to think, and have been led to believe, that these voices spontaneously arose out of righteous indignation and the ACAB view caught on with Read more »

Voters Concerned About Crime Re-Elect Anti-Police Politicians

By Steve Pomper Washington D.C. ‘Defund the Police’ mural They say (yes, those they) people will get the law enforcement they deserve. This analysis refers to voters who keep electing candidates who work against their public safety interests but find themselves mystified that crime is getting worse. Curiously, with crime increasing at alarming rates, voters in many Read more »