Gutting Police Services for Pie in the Sky

Voters Concerned About Crime Re-Elect Anti-Police Politicians

By Steve Pomper Washington D.C. ‘Defund the Police’ mural They say (yes, those they) people will get the law enforcement they deserve. This analysis refers to voters who keep electing candidates who work against their public safety interests but find themselves mystified that crime is getting worse. Curiously, with crime increasing at alarming rates, voters in many Read more »

Anti-Cop Violence is Terrorism

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Portland, Oregon police continue to seek to connect with their community even after all they have been through. They planned a Coffee With a Cop event at Bison Coffee House, a neighborhood coffee shop. Coffee With a Cop has been a series of events offered by local police agencies Read more »

Now We’re Censoring Cops Chatting in Public!

By Stephen Owsinski The image above depicts three U.S. Capitol Police officers, smiling during a shared conversation outside the world-renowned Capitol Building in D.C., where lawmakers represent the people’s interests by scripting statutes enforced by cops across the country. Gobs of communication transpire on The Hill, as it should wherever humans convene for imperative, principled Read more »

Minneapolis Mayor Upset Cops Told Laura Ingraham the Truth About Public Safety

By Steve Pomper   Laura Ingraham, FOX News Channel The Minneapolis Police Department’s (MPD) shattered 3rd Precinct stands uninhabited as a disgraceful monument to the radical leftist’s 2020 national anti-police insurrectionist violence and destruction. That sacked building alone could tell the story Laura Ingraham conveyed on a recent episode of her FOX News Channel show, The Read more »