If Only Leaders Supported Guardians of Law and Order, If Only…

By Stephen Owsinski I just completed a webinar class with trusted mentors who are Christian-based, life-experienced critical thinkers maturely analyzing the undercurrent of our nation’s present political powers in office. All eyes/ears synchronized when the main speaker, after opening with prayer for discernment, chronicled the details and tempo we are witnessing, notably the unrelenting attack Read More >

Don’t Burn Down the House

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In struggling to find a template for understanding police reform movements, a recent renovation project reminded me of the complexity of a home. The strength of a house is based on the soil on which the foundation is laid, the integrity of the foundation itself, then every component that Read More >

Texas Law Enforcement Officers’ Advocacy Group Responds to New Police Prosecution Unit

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Texas law enforcement is asking questions after an advertisement from Travis County, Texas District Attorney José Garza was published seeking a civil rights team leader for the office located in Austin. According to the county’s website, Garza is “a former federal public defender, immigrant rights activist, and leader of Read More >

Police Interventions Save Lives!

By Stephen Owsinsk Thankfully, police agencies and sheriff’s offices are adept at supplementing the crime-fighting mission with expository nuggets availing the realities of the beat and what is transpiring, all organic and unadulterated, so that citizens (taxpayers) can glimpse the grit and successes parlayed via the hearts and hands of cops. Both reactively and proactively, Read More >

Chicago: Cops Vote No-Confidence

By Steve Pomper Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, an apparent racist who refuses, by policy, to grant interviews to white reporters (state media, ACLU, Democrat Party, Hello… ello… llo…. Where are you?), is one of America’s most prickly politicians. And though she will make ridiculous excuses for her behavior and decisions, she’s just as likely to push Read More >

Despite the Anti-Police Noise, Cops Continually Sharpen Skills to Safeguard Citizens

By Stephen Owsinsk Despite the ongoing battle-drum noise created by the anti-police movement, cops are honing skills and training fervently for any imaginable dilemma in our society. Behind the badges are skill-enhancing police personnel conducting either behind-the-scenes drills or open field operations to ensure efficacy and expediency when confronting dangerous situations and implementing lifesaving feats. Read More >

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