Pushing Cops to the Brink

Pushing Cops to the Brink

By Stephen Owsinski And the beat goes on. By that, I mean the beat where cops patrol to preempt and abate criminals aiming to victimize innocents. But another beat is burgeoning still. It is the steady push of police officers into heightened perils due to misgovernance and a seemingly careless attitude for the human bodies Read more »

Things Can Go Bad Even When Cops Do Things Right

By Steve Pomper  Sometimes even when cops intend to do things right, cops are human, and things can still go wrong. We recently saw this happen when former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter pulled her gun instead of Taser. This mistake resulted in a First-Degree Manslaughter charge, trial, and conviction. Even after this conviction, all Read more »

Are There Even Laws Anymore?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Civil disobedience has been a hallmark of individual courage to force attention to the need for change. From the American Revolution to Rosa Parks to imprisoned 84-year-old nun Megan Rice, defying the law and accepting the consequences has been a noble stand against perceived injustice. We have entered a Read more »

NYPD Commish Walks the Beat on Final Day of Duty

By Stephen Owsinski On his final day of duty after three decades as a New York City cop, retiring NYPD police Commissioner Dermot Shea opted to walk the beat alongside many veteran and some brand-new cops working the Times Square revelry on New Year’s Eve. One may categorize such a final official act as a Read more »

New York Mayor – Elect: Bring Back Stop and Frisk

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The practice of stopping suspicious persons to ask some questions and check them for weapons has never been illegal. It has been practiced in ways that has caused the courts to refine the practice, but not outlaw it. New York’s incoming Mayor Eric Adams is a retired NYPD captain, Read more »

Radical Politicians Grumble as Anti-Law Enforcement Theories Crumble

By Steve Pomper  It’s getting real. When even hot iron branded members of the hard woke left risk breaking from the leftist orthodoxy herd, even if it’s for selfish political purposes, it’s something positive—for traditional America. Even in Minnesota, where George Floyd’s in-police-custody death sparked national wanton destruction, increased hatred toward cops, and the reinforcement of Read more »