Blue Laws

By Steve Pomper A little change of pace, today to discuss something I’ve always found strange but interesting. I’ve also wondered what it was like for the cops who had to enforce these blue laws. These, often whacky, laws convey to modern Americans both the transient and lingering nature of religious, cultural, and politically partisan laws. Read More >

Florida Gov. Signs Law Forbidding HOAs from Ordering Police Vehicles be Removed from Sight

By Stephen Owsinski It finally happened. And it has been a long-time coming for Florida’s law enforcement officers who have take-home cars and park their response-ready police vehicles at their homes and told by HOAs that they can’t. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on Friday signed S.B 476 into law, otherwise known as the self-explanatory Read More >

Judge Drops Murder Charge. Still Sends Cop to Trial for Manslaughter—for Stopping Active Shooter

By Steve Pomper Here’s another update in the case of a Blackwell, Oklahoma Police Lieutenant John Mitchell who risked his life to stop a woman, armed with a pickup truck and a handgun, from driving through town while shooting her gun out the window at people and objects. Lt. Mitchell’s mission was to stop the woman Read More >

Former Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner: ‘You Need Teamwork for the Win’

By Stephen Owsinski In a recent Fox News TV interview with Anthony Barksdale, the former Baltimore deputy police commissioner, analysis of Baltimore’s escalating homicide rate was the focal point. More precisely, it is what Baltimore street cops need to do about it. More applicably, it is who is running the Baltimore Police Department, along with Read More >

Police Chief Bans Certain Outer Vests Because They Make Cops Look Like “Military Soldiers”

By Steve Pomper   You hear a lot about the divide, chasm even, between many cops and their bosses. This is especially true where people with anti-cop ideologies hold political power, and they’re the ones who appoint police chiefs. And what increases that divide? Police chiefs tied ideologically to their political benefactors. Take for instance Toledo Read More >

Update: Oklahoma Police LT. Charged by DA with Murder for Stopping an Active Shooter Facing Preliminary Hearing 02-18-2020

By Steve Pomper   Since last year, the National Police Association (NPA) and other local and national media have covered the inexplicable case of an Oklahoma DA who insists on prosecuting veteran Blackwell Police Department Lieutenant John Mitchell—for doing his job. The DA is prosecuting the police supervisor despite his having placed his life in danger Read More >

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