Cops Everywhere Do Whatever It Takes to Keep Kids Safe

By Stephen Owsinski It should come as no surprise that cops everywhere join respective police forces to ensure community safety and meet needs of citizens. It is especially noted when cops handle traditional police work otherwise categorized as crime-fighting while pivoting to many other matters such as school safety or cancer fundraising or similar humanitarian Read More >

‘StreetWise’ and Georgia Cops: ‘Great Things Happen when Great People Work Together’

By Stephen Owsinski In communities all across the United States, there are “help organizations” usually comprised of volunteers doing their darndest to raise funds to acquire goods/services to pass on to people who are dealing with tough times and simply need a helping hand. Part of a law enforcement officer’s public service arsenal is the Read More >

Cops Cannot Fix America’s Law Enforcement Crisis, Only Voters Can

By Steve Pomper  I normally prefer to be specific and provide individual’s and organizations’ names and several links to more information. However, rather than naming specific people and organizations, I will be more nebulous to better represent that this issue of officer flight affects more agencies and officers than those that continually appear in national stories. Read More >

Cops Get Down and Dirty…on Behalf of Citizens in Need

By Stephen Owsinski With all the baseless onslaught against cops nowadays, we are seeing a planet-load of examples of excellent police service countering the avalanche of naysayers who myopically view law enforcement in unfavorable terms. Anything from mowing overgrown lawns for shut-ins to changing flat tires of motorists stranded on highways to picking up and Read More >

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