Mayor Inserts Sanity into Homelessness Crisis: Enforcement First

By Steve Pomper  It’s easy for us to retreat to our political factions regarding responses to increasing crime, but it should be more than that. Cops serving in blue jurisdictions want to enforce the laws equally when addressing homelessness, addiction, and mental illness-related street crime. Unfortunately, many blue city leaders won’t allow cops to enforce the Read More >

The New McCarthyism: A Domestic Terrorist Behind Every Badge?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. President Biden advocates a federal domestic terrorism law. Given that the Constitution guarantees not only free speech but free association, even the ACLU is skeptical that the government can keep from repeating past mistakes in criminalizing political and religious activity. Although concerns about radicalization through social media and hate Read More >

That ‘Unity’ Trumpeted by Politicians Has Been Portrayed by Cops for Ages, Despite Anti-police Din

By Stephen Owsinski Ongoing examples of interactions between cops and citizens symbolizing togetherness and “unity” without the implications of politics involved never cease to amaze. It was the picture above which conjured the aforementioned statement and analogy portrayed in the remainder of this article, centered on and parlayed from a program called #CopsCare. What you Read More >

Andy Ngo’s Unmasked: A Resource for Police Anti-Antifa Strategies

By Steve Pomper  Andy Ngo is probably the single American who best knows the internal workings, tactics, strategies, and goals of the anti-police group Antifa, which, ironically, stands for anti-fascist. The independent journalist has paid a painful price to accumulate his knowledge of leftist radicals. Antifa militants have assaulted Ngo several times, including a brutal beating Read More >

As Snowmaggedon Freezes Cities, Public Safety Plows Through to Help Citizens

By Stephen Owsinski Whether you subscribe to the groundhog theory or not, one thing is certain: Mother Nature sure did her thing recently, leaving many cities in several states wracked by inexplicable volumes of the white stuff, mortifying temps, and ice. Even in usually sunny Texas, wintry conditions effectively relegated humankind to hunker and hope Read More >

Biden Following the Obama Model of Being Bad for Cops

By Steve Pomper  President Donald Trump often showered accolades on America’s men and women in uniform. Many appreciated that sentiment coming from the highest office in the land. It was a change from President Obama’s persistent hostility toward cops. Joe Biden made it clear during a recent CNN town hall that he will be following President Read More >

Sheriff: Slain Trying to Protect the Public, Deputy ‘Stepped Up…Like Cops Do!’

By Stephen Owsinski Yet another occasion to recite the “enough is enough” cry is upon us, and it is once again in my neck of the woods where the community recently said goodbye to Hillsborough County Deputy Brian LaVigne after he was intentionally rammed and killed by a fleeing felon. In stark resemblance, tragedy played Read More >

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