By Madness or Malice, Parole Board Unleashes Mayhem and Murder on Innocent New Yorkers

Police Often Short-changed by The Justice System

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In a rural Colorado county, an injured deputy pleaded for justice after suffering a life-altering crash. Deputy Scott Eckhardt, now disabled and retired, appeared at a sentencing hearing for Travis Fouch. In May of 2021, Fouch led a multi-jurisdictional pursuit along I-25 in southern Colorado and was subsequently charged Read more »

Losing Our Law Enforcement Legacies

By Steve Pomper DOD police officer’s wife pinning badge on DOD husband, son looks on, following graduation from Navy training course in 2010. Law enforcement family legacies are an enduring symbol of both an individual’s and family’s commitment to public service and public safety. However, in some places, they may not endure for long. First, I Read more »

Behind the Badges: Task Forces

By Stephen Owsinski The lore of federal law enforcement agencies traditionally snubbing local cops may have once been a thing but, nowadays, city cops and county deputies work alongside federal agents in various ways, pool resources and intel, and cull criminals from our streets. Like any other profession, real or perceived friction comes to the Read more »

Police Pilots Face Dangers

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Two officers have died this year as of this writing during police helicopter operations. There were six in 2022 and one in 2020. Sixteen police officers have been killed in aircraft in the line of duty over the past decade. Although the number of officers who died in this Read more »

Behind the Badges: Court Officers

By Stephen Owsinski With the massive undertaking regarding former President Donald Trump’s arrival in New York City and rogue Soros-planted Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg generating his version of a “perp walk,” we witnessed the presence of and coordination by court officers maintaining some semblance of control and direction throughout the hyperbole and fanfare. So, Read more »

New Orleans Police Sergeant Wins in Louisiana Supreme Court

By Steve Pomper Louisiana Supreme Court & State Court of Appeals We have a refreshing update regarding a case of a New Orleans Police Sergeant Anthony Edenfield fired for posting “racially insensitive” comments on social media. NPA has been keeping its eye on the case. A family member, obviously concerned about Anthony’s treatment by the NOPD, Read more »