Sheriff Launches “Operation Pinch-A-Grinch” to Combat Porch Pirates During Christmas Season

By Stephen Owsinski Pridefully, I’ve been scoping out all the latest innovations, strategic deployments, and brilliant public services being employed by our nation’s law enforcement. Not that any of this is new, only that it justly counters those barking “defund the police.” It’s not a competition; it’s a perseverance and resilience of cops to keep Read More >

Virginia Bills Outlaw Cops Enforcing Traffic Laws, Clearing a Path for Guaranteed Tragedies

By Stephen Owsinski The Virginia General Assembly (Legislature) scripted and passed two bills which would largely sideline cops’ ability to enforce traffic laws and ensure public safety, effectively signaling a relative free-for-all on roadways which will amount in otherwise preventable calamities. Virginia SB 5029 and HB 5058 are identical bills, both unambiguously rendering police personnel Read More >

What Happens When “Defund the Police” Smacks Up Against Reality?

By Steve Pomper  Is the defund the police movement losing steam? There are radicals who will never give up on any of their perverse goals. But many officials who initially supported defunding the cops have faceplanted into a reality wall. They’re learning that defunding the police results in increased crime. Who knew? The Minneapolis City Council Read More >

Cops and Kids Together Display the Heart and Soul of Community Relations During Anti-Police Blitz

By Stephen Owsinski If anyone is chronically marking a calendar for each day anarchy rears its ugly dome, the letter X is likely getting lotsa play. Baseless, unruly behavior persists. Political pundits lob low blows at each other while Americans endure a pandemic rife with uncertainty. Social media channels plunge seemingly surreal hubbub at us Read More >

NYPD Cops Discouraged by Poor Political Leadership and Anti-Police Climate Make Moves Elsewhere

By Stephen Owsinski  For anyone to understand how a NYPD cop can tolerate the tenor of a constantly anti-police climate rife with crime, just know it is not necessarily only the criminal element which is placing too much weight on the camel’s back. No one joins the largest police department in the country thinking it Read More >

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