Anti-Police Politicians Speak Hollow Words in Wake of Attempted Assassination of NYPD Officers

By Steve Pomper   Over the weekend, Fox News reported two NYPD police officers were allegedly shot in two separate incidents and, police believe, by the same suspect. Around 8 a.m., officers were in an NYPD patrol van when the suspect fired into the vehicle. During the apparent assassination attempt, a bullet struck one officer in Read More >

Judge Flouts NYC’s “Justice Reform” No-Bail Laws, Refuses to Let a Crack-Dealing, Ex-Con, Alleged Bank Robber Out on Bail

By Steve Pomper   Cops and judges have a unique relationship in the courtroom; they both know who’s the boss. The judge. Still, cops harbor all sorts of sentiments toward judges ranging from (a quiet) contempt to respect and even affection. I worked with a judge I felt was often too easy on criminals. But he Read More >

Police Go Long at the Super Bowl

By Stephen Owsinski The annual spectacle of the Super Bowl is a magnet for football fans, media outlets, legitimate merchandisers, counterfeit merchandise hawks, ticket scalpers capitalizing on desperate attendee wannabes, “escorts” seeking to be someone’s friend for a fee, and all manner of individuals focused on the fan-fare…all monitored by law enforcement officers from varying Read More >

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