The NPA offers rewards in specific cases where violence has been committed against an officer or where officers have been obstructed and prevented from conducting their duties. The reward is for information provided to law enforcement leading to the arrest and conviction of the offender. Any department wishing the NPA to offer a reward contact us here.

Terms and Conditions

The reward program is subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • The conditions set out hereunder are subject to variation only by the National Police Association (NPA).
  • The NPA will, at all times, have absolute discretion over the terms of offer, conditions and payment of any/all Reward offers.
  • All offers will be subject to these terms.
  • All offers will be made in good faith.
  • All claims must be made in writing.
  • A claimant(s) who is an accomplice in the crime or in any way thereafter assisted the perpetrators of the crime will not be eligible to receive the reward.
  • Serving police officers (or civilians working with or for the police) will not be eligible to receive the reward.
  • A claimant(s) who provided their information anonymously will not be eligible to receive the reward.
  • All claimant(s) must present a letter from the law enforcement agency or prosecutor stating their tip led to the arrest and conviction, as well as a signed notarized letter requesting the reward. The letters should be mailed to the address below.

National Police Association

8710 Bash Street #501692
Indianapolis, IN 46250