Court Reinstates Defamation Case for Two Seattle Cops Suing Socialist City Councilmember

Court Reinstates Defamation Case for Two Seattle Cops Suing Socialist City Councilmember

By Steve Pomper  The political atmosphere in the U.S. currently pits nearly every government, social, civic, and cultural institution against conservatives generally and specifically against law enforcement officers. Even when cops attempt to push back, using the political system as designed for redress, many leftist judges prove they are “referees” playing for the other team, ruling Read more »

Another Threat for Cops: State-Created Danger Doctrine

By Steve Pomper  The NPA covers many issues that threaten the safety and effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and officers. The NPA has reported on and assisted officers wrongly accused of policy violations and even of breaking the law when evidence shows they were doing their jobs. The NPA also challenges legislatures that pass anti-cop laws Read more »

Sidelining Police Protection is Always a Bad Idea

By Stephen Owsinski Mad scientists and their scorched earth mentalities recklessly editing cops from society, thus forfeiting the safety of citizens, is a study of power-craving politicos guaranteeing vulnerability, placing holiday season revelers (any season, really) in the trajectory of very bad actors. Whether in council chambers or upper-floor fiefdom, elected officials governing jurisdictions who Read more »

The Mexico Lesson

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D An Associated Press news article by reporter Mark Stevenson describes the actions of soldiers of the Mexican Army. The story, which I read in the Denver Post November 7th edition, relates how power drug cartels are engaging in extortion of local farmers in addition to profiting from the manufacture Read more »

Narco-Slavery Thriving in Gov. Kate Brown’s Lawless Oregon?

By Steve Pomper  The consequences for state, local, and federal law enforcement and residents affected by the federal government’s ignoring of immigration laws is so much darker than most people know. Most of the media doesn’t seem interested in reporting anything that goes against the established state narrative. You may have heard a smattering of news Read more »