Sticking with Future Cops

Sticking with Future Cops

By Stephen Owsinski By all accounts, children everywhere come aglow in the presence of law enforcement officers, and police stickers typically provide the glue to form bonds that often carry forward throughout a kid’s lifespan. Maybe, just maybe, the distribution of police badge stickers is not only cherished as a souvenir for that day but Read more »

The Business of Backing the Blue

By Stephen Owsinski Despite the vocal minority’s harangues hurled at cops in recent years, and politicos’ antithetical reforms designed to diaper malcontents conspicuously preying on your safety, the oft-called silent majority girds our guardians at the gates with unambiguous symbolism. Respectfully subdued and hugely meaningful counterparties to the anti-police barkers are mindful merchants witnessing the Read more »

Florida Police Benevolent Association Confers ‘Law Enforcement Officer’s Champion Award’ to Florida Official

By Stephen Owsinski Through recent years, Florida’s government officials have booked legislative acts supporting law enforcement officers and backed them up with signing bonuses, relocation expenses, and similar incentives emphasizing gratitude for public safety professionals engaged in one of America’s increasingly perilous professions. Via these pro-police measures, the Sunshine State has proudly associated itself with Read more »

The Unexpired Oath

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D To all the rookies, all the mid-career officers, and all the twilight officers watching the calendar for their retirement eligibility, know that there are a thousand eyes watching and rooting for you. They are the ones who finally aged out, made it to retirement, or had to leave with Read more »

First Responders Save the Animals

By Stephen Owsinski The chronicle of havoc due to Hurricane Ian upending much of SW Florida demonstrates dire circumstances and the first responders who champion search and rescue operations plucking people from unimaginable ruins. In the mix are survivors’ animals, scared and confused by the tumult, but saved by the caring hands of public safety Read more »

The Good Police Leader

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D If there was one way to be a good leader there would be one book on the shelf at the bookstore, instead of an entire section on leadership. You can lead like a Naval commander of a battleship, a major league coach, or even Jesus. You can be a Read more »

A Spiritual Journey Leading to Longevity in Law Enforcement

By Stephen Owsinski The image you see above depicts a rare moment during which the NYC Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Patrick Lynch is bestowing the NYPD’s “LV” pin to one of its long-serving law enforcement icons. In Roman Numerology, the “LV” represents 55 years of service as a law enforcement official. Generally, that is Read more »

Law Enforcement Lifelines for Youngsters

By Stephen Owsinski There is always something to be said about first impressions. For young minds, there are GIGO principles shaping them in one of two ways: Goods In, Goods Out or Garbage In, Garbage Out. There is also much to be said about first responders who diligently try to instill the good version of Read more »

Police Families Sacrifice for the Profession

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Holistic wellness for police officers is finally coming of age. With new understanding of brain science and the effects of stress and trauma, more law enforcement agencies and even state legislatures are making laws and policies to strengthen first responders mental, physical, and career health. A critical component of Read more »