Policeman: To Those Fighting the Good Fight, ‘Remember the Words’ of Children Offering a ‘Thank You’

By Stephen Owsinsk One of the most uplifting things for any police officer is when a citizen extends gratitude for doing a life-threatening job which most others dare not do, especially nowadays with the incessant vitriol from the anti-police cesspool. Thankfully, kids know better than to buy into hateful stances toward law enforcement officers fervently Read More >

U. S. Border Patrol Chief Shows True Leadership

By Steve Pomper With the driving deluge of negativity showering American cops at all levels, local, state, and federal, U.S. Border Patrol Chief Rodney S. Scott is a commonsense beacon in the anti-law enforcement fog. He is resisting Biden administration instructions to alter legal immigration terminology into nonlegal terminology. American law enforcement today hungers for competent and courageous Read More >

‘The positive police stories just keep rolling in!’

By Stephen Owsinsk Those are the words written about the Ohio Going Blue site receiving feel-good stories depicting infinite positive interactions between police officers and citizens. Although the campaign is relatively new, the robust experiences enjoyed by cops and civilians has been around since forever (just under-reported by hyperbolic media platforms gluttoned with garbage and Read More >

Cops and the Silent Majority…

By Stephen Owsinsk As nationwide division festers thanks to media mavens capitalizing on half-baked stories and propaganda and anti-police enthusiasts and knee-jerk activists drenched in emotion without bothering to collect facts…the silent majority do their thing sincerely, without the need for recognition or cell phone-recorded fanfare. That last part largely mimics the altruistic tendencies of Read More >

Darrell Hammond: ‘You know, I’ve had my life saved by cops since I was on SNL’

By Stephen Owsinsk Although it is a deeply personal story, uber-talented impersonator Darrel Hammond from “Saturday Night Live” fame is the subject matter regarding his life journey, candidly shared by him in “Cracked Up: The Darrell Hammond Story” (2018) which I recently watched on Netflix. I was intrigued by the entirety of this man’s story, Read More >

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