The Reality of Defund the Police on the Streets

By Steve Pomper Logic applies to even the ridiculous defund/abolish the police movement, right? After defunding or abolishing the police, setting aside its massive foolishness, cities must replace it with something else. Most police abolitionists advocate for replacements to be social workers and other unarmed “first responders.” But, some truly unthinking radicals believe the cop void Read More >

Pushback on Open Society Foundations’ Efforts to Purge Traditional Law and Order from American Society

By Steve Pomper  It’s easy, if you’re not paying attention, to be fooled into believing the efforts to defund, abolish, or otherwise disappear traditional American law enforcement is a spontaneous and organic grassroots uprising. Something terrible happened, and people got pissed. But this is too simple and wrong. The complicity of the legacy media with their Read More >

Exodus of Cops from Anti-Police Locales Benefits Pro-Police States

By Stephen Owsinski With decaying environments exacerbated by anti-police politicians and totalitarian-like governance closeting cops like mere brooms, and the constant barrage of denigration infiltrating every cell of a police officer’s being, the extent to which we feel so compelled to take a grand leap of faith in starting over, far away from the malignancy Read More >

Portland: City Officials Take No Blame for Violent Crime Surge

By Steve Pomper  Portland, Oregon government officials conjure a pathetic excuse for the massive surge in violent crime after months of incessant city-sanctioned leftist violence and efforts to defund and weaken the police. Last July 25th, during one of the nightly exhibitions of anti-government violence, two men were shot, one wounded and one killed. The 27-year-old Read More >

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