Chiefs on Beats

Chiefs on Beats

By Stephen Owsinski You might think it is not too often that you see the police chief on the beat, but it does occur, even on midnight shifts. As one might expect, it does a world of good for patrol officers seeing their CEO of cops taking calls and clicking cuffs on bad actors. What Read more »

Why Is There a Police Car In My Neighborhood?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I remember being the on-call investigator when the phone rang sometime in the middle of the night. At the time I didn’t live very far from the police station so I sprinted down to grab the unmarked car and head out to the scene where an officer had been Read more »

Police Sting Operations Provide a Literal View

By Stephen Owsinski As the largest municipal police agency in America, the NYPD employs a robust contingent of law enforcement officers to respond to just about anything imaginable, ranging from crimefighters investigating morose depravities to Mounted Unit farriers fashioning new shoes for its police horses. Then there is the NYPD staff uniquely skilled at conducting Read more »

Campus Cops – An Important Part of Any College Town

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D As a former university police chief, I have encountered a lot of misconceptions about campus policing. There are plenty of reasons for the notion that college law enforcement isn’t “real police work”. Foremost is the average person’s template for what policing looks like is the city or county law Read more »

Cops Caring for Our Elders

By Stephen Owsinski Poignant backstories emerging after the havoc of Hurricane Ian are starting to flood the web, generating the positivity that we long for, and many of the chapters involve cops caring for our elderly folks who may need that extra helping hand, respectfully extended by law enforcement officers. Since Florida is world-renowned for Read more »

Thoughts and Prayers – Do They Make a Difference?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D As a writer on law enforcement issues, I get almost daily notices of officers killed, injured, or being prosecuted in the line of duty. Many of those announcements include the request for “thoughts and prayers”, and the occasional “vibe”. Some organizations have dropped the “prayers” part in order not Read more »

Bicycle Pursuit: Cops Cover Plenty of Ground, Etch Wins

By Stephen Owsinski Another sticky-fingered kleptomaniac whose poor decision to heist a young kid’s bicycle found out that cops can cover all kinds of terrain with varying modes of travel to get the crime-fighting mission accomplished. Police officers in Menlo Park, California, caught up with a bicycle thief after a fresh pursuit was initiated by Read more »