Tunnel Vision: Subduing Subway Crime No Easy Feat for the NYPD

The Cops Everybody Loves

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Who is getting expanded emergency medical care benefits, ballistics vests from fund-raising efforts, legislative protection, and love and respect from nearly everyone? No, not the DARE officer, but the furry cops in the K-9 corps. With 23 K9 line of duty deaths over the last twelve months, 50,000 police Read more »

Cops Step Up in the Face of Teacher Shortage

By Stephen Owsinski Lessons, lessons, lessons. Our planet is spinning at such a rapid clip. So much is going on. Some things are rounding the corners. Others are stagnant or obsolete. Many matters are unfortunate due to circumstances related to the pandemic and the dubious state of governance. In all of this, cops continue to Read more »

Is There a SWAT Medic in the House?

By Stephen Owsinski Although cops are not physicians, close equivalents in policing categorized as “SWAT Medics” is one among many manifestations among law enforcement agencies striving to overcome the twists and turns which may evolve in the public safety mission. By being ultra-prepared to mitigate medical emergencies evolving from high-risk and fluidly volatile situations, police Read more »

America Loves Its Cops

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The headlines would lead the average citizens to believe that the population of our country has collectively developed an adversarial relationship with its police. Television ratings show just the opposite. Americans are fascinated by the police. Perhaps the reality is that Americans are fascinated by crime. Maybe it’s the Read more »

Cops’ Bittersweet Beat Around Christmastime

By Stephen Owsinski As one may suspect, police work during major holidays means being away from loved ones in order to safeguard the community and ensure citizens’ merrymaking with appetizing banquets and poignant familial experiences while seasonal lights wink away. For the beat cop ensuring these highlights are conceivable, the shift is nonetheless normalized with Read more »

Police Presence Will Always Make a Massive Difference

By Stephen Owsinski Anyone looking at anti-police media entities intentionally denying the absolute truth about how instrumental cops are in American society is being grossly deprived of myriad major feats, surreal saves, and massive differences made for us all. Police presence among a hugely diverse Constitution-embracing population is ideal. But not everyone gets to enjoy Read more »

Anti-Police School Districts Forfeiting Students’ Welfare

By Stephen Owsinski School districts across the country seeking to completely eliminate or significantly diminish the role of law enforcement personnel assigned as school resource officers are doing a huge disservice to students, in effect trading off kids’ welfare for a stake in the illogical anti-police thrust. In May 2021, the City of Alexandria voted Read more »