Costumed Cop Hater Infestation

Did you know there was such a thing as furries? We didn’t either but apparently, it’s a thing. Some of them are purportedly Nazis. The furries clearly know there is such a thing as the NPA, because they are now all visiting us every day, objecting to our diabolical rumored plan to block all furries.

It is unclear how a rumor started we had blocked them all. We sometimes block accounts that post obscenities on our timeline. If we notice a large amount of obscenities posted by a group of related accounts we will sometimes block them and their followers. Perhaps some furries got caught up in one of those and took particular exception. A review of our timeline shows enough furries asking why they weren’t blocked to indicate  the rumor they were all blocked is at best hyperbole.

What is certain is they have put out a clarion call to all furries stating the NPA is blocking all furries. Offended furries have taken up the call and swarmed to the NPA Twitter account to spam it relentlessly with obscene comments and graphic images and by doing so demonstrate the claim that the NPA blocked all furries is false.

But it’s not all bad.

The defund the police crowd is quick to argue, in polite company, that they don’t really mean defund the police. The furries expose the falsity of that deceptive claim. Cloaked by the anonymity of their costumed Twitter identities, the furries are free to speak plainly about their beliefs. While we have started restricting the ability to comment on our tweets to only those accounts we follow to protect the public from the obscene replies, quote tweets cannot be blocked. As such our posts are inundated with quote tweets calling for the killing of law enforcement officers, not just abolishing law enforcement agencies.

The costumed cop haters, free to speak openly, don’t just mean defund. They mean death.

Attack by Malicious Media

Another thing furries are doing is dredging the Internet looking for ways to cancel us. Their weaponized article of choice is one from the Indianapolis Star with the headline “This Indianapolis charity says it helps police. Police chiefs say it’s a scam.”

Obviously there is nothing more devastating to a police supporting nonprofit than a headline like that.

The headline of the Star’s article stating police chiefs call us a scam has shown up on the first page of our Google search returns every day since March 2019. It also appears on dozens of websites that carried the article due to the Star’s relationship with the Associate Press. Additionally, it has been cited in innumerable social media posts, and quoted in unrelated articles by other media outlets.

All this even though every statement used by the Indianapolis Star to support the headline has been retracted and acknowledged as having been false by all three local governments on behalf of the three quoted police departments.  

One of those departments said we used their name in a fundraising letter. They later retracted the false allegation. The other 2 objected to our saying they were in sanctuary areas at the times our letters were sent. Their objections were in error.

Trenton, MI retracted their false statements that we included the name of their police department in our fundraising letter by revising their Facebook post. It has since been deleted but a screen capture is here:

Belle Isle, FL retracted their erroneous claim that they were not in a sanctuary area at the time the letter was sent:

Germantown, WI has retracted their erroneous claim that they were not in a sanctuary area at the time the letter was sent:

Yet Gannett, the parent company of the Indianapolis Star, has yet to honor our request to delete the false and defamatory article. 

Makes on wonder why Gannett stock has lost most of its value.