Vax Mandates Continue to Push Police Out the Door

Vax Mandates Continue to Push Police Out the Door

By Stephen Owsinski While the pandemic restrictions and tyrannical overlords instituted anything but a liberty-loving society and freedom of choice, vaccine mandates became yet another grenade rolled at the duty boots of our nation’s law enforcement professionals. LEOs in largely liberal-governed jurisdictions were confronted with strongarm tactics and given the choice of either taking the Read more »

Bowing Heads in Honor, Not Bowing Out

By Stephen Owsinski While the anti-police noise continues to undermine public safety, cops assailed and/or killed in the line of duty persists. And the same ole’ hives of hypocrisy —otherwise known as politicians— continue to sidestep responsibility for defund-the-police fester. America’s cops, however, keep on keepin’ on. One of many stand-out formidable traits among law Read more »

Law Enforcement Contacts with Mentally Impaired Citizens

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Experienced police officers may be rather puzzled by the sudden popularity of the belief that police officers lack skills when dealing with mental health emergencies. In a very real sense, that’s what police do the most. Whether a person is in a full-blown meltdown or merely a victim of Read more »

The Police Family at Risk

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In August of 2020, Officer Joseph Mensah of the Wauwatosa, WI, police was attacked by a mob at his home who were enraged over a police shooting. What reporters described as “protestors” vandalized Mensah’s home while he and his girlfriend were present. As the off-duty officer attempted to talk Read more »

Seattle’s New Republican City Attorney Ready to Fight Crime. But First, She Must Clear Predecessor’s Massive Case Backlog

By Steve Pomper  I’ve written often, in articles and books, about Seattle’s now former (Thank God!) city attorney, Pete Holmes. I wasn’t sure whether to use useless, worthless, hapless, or mindless as an adjective, but now former works just fine. Then I thought, all of those descriptors go without saying, anyway. I’ll give just two reasons Read more »

Crime Surge a ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Calls for More Cops Highlights Defund Fiasco

By Stephen Owsinski Between a rock and a hard place, police officers continue to confront the scourge of rampant crime liberally brewed during tumultuous times, whereby malfeasance has open-season proportions and cops in the crosshairs while protecting citizens. The city leadership in Little Rock, Arkansas has declared the unrelenting surge in crime, especially due to Read more »