Defund the Police Is Not Enough as Radicals Target Police Foundations

By Steve Pomper   The forces that comprise the radical anti-cop left are not content to defund or abolish only the police. Harassing and attacking police unions, officials, and members is also not enough. No, the left-wing extremists are now targeting police foundations. Police foundations are charitable organizations that exist to provide moral, material, and financial Read More >

Consequences of Cities Defunding Police While Allowing Unmitigated Anarchy

By Stephen Owsinski The logic-defying pledges to defund police departments while also allowing “autonomous zones” to birth and fester is the bane in cities which allow such atrocities, and law-abiding tax-paying citizens are socially, emotionally, economically, and physically succumbing to the will of political panderers satiating those who demand undue indemnity. Recent reports out of Read More >

Is Civilian Oversight a Good Idea? Depends on Which Civilians

By Steve Pomper    Most cops I know, my happily retired self included, have been opposed to civilian, meaning exclusively or majority civilian, police oversight for as long as I can remember. The “de-fund or abolish the police” movement has lost some of its luster with otherwise normal people who got caught up in the Marxist Read More >

Price of Torched Cop Cars, Overrun Police Precincts and Demolished Cities is $2 Billion…for Now

By Stephen Owsinski As ongoing civil unrest created by hostile hooligans hiding under the “peaceful protest” umbrella roam with hurricane fury and torch cop cars and engulf police precincts and generally loot and demolish American cities, the tab gets weighty. Economists and analysts say the toll is estimably $2 billion. And that two billion-dollar figure Read More >

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