Florida Governor Signs Bill Catering Care for Retired Police K9s

American Law Enforcement Officers Still Serving, Protecting, and Dying

By Steve Pomper    When I heard the story resurface about some mounted U.S. Border Patrol agents supposedly “whipping” Hattian illegal immigrants, I wondered why. Hadn’t that been resolved? Nope. The Biden administration cannot be wrong—especially about rank and file law enforcement at any level. Those “stormtroopers,” as Nancy Pelosi referred to federal agents, must be Read more »

Mission Creep in Policing

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The term “mission creep” came into the American vocabulary in the early 1990s in the context of U.S. military intervention. The classic example, and perhaps among the first use of the term, is America’s involvement in Somalia where President Bush sent in 30,000 troops on a mission under the Read more »

State Trooper Saves Man from Self Destruction

By Stephen Owsinski No one avoided the fallout from the pandemic. Current exorbitant costs of living due to inflation are just as jarring. Indeed, life has become uber-challenging. Especially lately, paying attention to the onslaught of bad news guarantees a tsunami of dour and depressing waves of mindboggling details defying warm and fuzzy feelings. Pointedly, Read more »

Seattle Public School Exposes Rampant “Systemic Bias”—Against Police

By Steve Pomper    There was a recent and very troubling incident in Seattle. A police officer responded to a report of a suspicious male, according to mynorthwest.com, “terrorizing” an elementary school campus. The story wasn’t only about the suspect’s behavior, but also highlighted the school staff’s reckless response. The officer reported the principal and some teachers at Read more »

Gathering Information for Investigations

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Facial recognition, fake cell tower interception, surveillance flights, and license plate readers all have two things in common. They solve crimes and they cause privacy concerns. When does good investigative police work cross the line to an invasion of privacy? Do criminals have the right to privacy? Should citizens Read more »

Seattle Finds New and Unique Ways to Screw Up Civil Order

By Steve Pomper    Many Seattle politicians can find nothing about the police department they like—except for defunding or otherwise disrespecting it. Whatever they can do to take any amount of prestige away from the cops the happier city leaders are. For example, until recently, the parking enforcement unit was attached to the police department. But Read more »