McDonough, GA Police Department Awarded National Police Association Grant

McDonough, GA Police Department Awarded National Police Association Grant

The National Police Association has awarded the McDonough, Georgia Police Department, a $1000.00 grant in support of their community outreach programs. Conveniently located just south of Atlanta, they invite you to Eat, Shop, Play and Stay in their beautiful city. From annual events like the Geranium Festival and Christmas Parade and the popular New Year’s Read more »

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A Spiritual Journey Leading to Longevity in Law Enforcement

By Stephen Owsinski The image you see above depicts a rare moment during which the NYC Police Benevolent Association (PBA) President Patrick Lynch is bestowing the NYPD’s “LV” pin to one of its long-serving law enforcement icons. In Roman Numerology, the “LV” represents 55 years of service as a law enforcement official. Generally, that is Read more »

Law Enforcement in Rough Waters

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D While there are police units specifically assigned to water safety, every officer is a general-purpose emergency responder and may find themselves saving lives at risk from drowning. A special force of Metropolitan Las Vegas police rescue officers deployed to save a couple being washed away in flood waters while Read more »

Anatomy of an Ambush

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Recent statistics indicate that ambushes against police officers have increased dramatically (over 90% in one study) in the past few years.  Shootings of all kinds of police are up at least 20% this year and non-fatal injuries are not often included in such reports. Police officers are well aware Read more »

Law Enforcement Lifelines for Youngsters

By Stephen Owsinski There is always something to be said about first impressions. For young minds, there are GIGO principles shaping them in one of two ways: Goods In, Goods Out or Garbage In, Garbage Out. There is also much to be said about first responders who diligently try to instill the good version of Read more »

Police Retention and Hiring: The Math Doesn’t Add Up

By Steve Pomper   Much has been written about the continuing national law enforcement officer hiring/retention crisis. And a lot more will be written—beginning right now. Too many people seem to feel we’ll eventually find a resolution to this crisis, and they put it out of their minds. I’m an optimist, but eventually will likely take at Read more »

Cops Going Head-On Against Wrong-Way Drivers

By Stephen Owsinski Wrong-way drivers crazily rocketing on interstates and other highways and byways persist in America, and our nation’s valiant law enforcement officers exemplify their oath by placing themselves directly in the path of these human-steered projectiles. Many are impeded by cruisers operated by courageous cops, saving an untold number of lives by blockading Read more »

Written testimony in support of license plate reader program

Support for Austin, TX Council Member Kelly’s resolution directing the City Manager to identify funding to reinstate the license plate reader program at the Austin Police Department. September 14, 2022 Dear Council Member Kelly:As an education and advocacy group, part of our mission is to encourage public officials to work proactively with law enforcement to Read more »