Washington State Patrol Falls into Media Woke Trap

Washington State Patrol Falls into Media Woke Trap

By Steve Pomper   I have the misfortune of living in the dictatorship of Washington State under Gov. Jay Inslee (refusing to relinquish his “emergency powers”). But, even living here and paying attention, I missed this news bit about the Washington State Patrol (WSP). Fortunately, the NPA’s own Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith brought it to my Read more »

Prosecutor Won’t Charge Suspect in Attempted Carjacking of Police Car

By Steve Pomper   St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner is a treasure—for the anti-cop radical left. This George Soros-funded prosecutor (one of too many in the U.S.) has established a soft-on-crime/hard-on-victims and cops criminal justice system. Like all of these Soros-styled solicitors, here are a few markers that define their law enforcement philosophy. They don’t Read more »

Corrupt “Police Reform” Experiments Crashing Down on Activists

By Steve Pomper  What often happens when you try to fix something that ain’t broken? You break it. That’s happening in Washington and other states like Illinois. Leftist mythmakers are using their fantasy vision of police work to conjure an “experiment” in “police reforms.” But, hang on… there may be some good news. Thinking people know police Read more »

“We Told You So” is Getting Old

By Steve Pomper Every law enforcement officer and lucid mind in America knew the defund-the-police movement was foolish. There was no question it would not work and would make things worse. In a recent front-page story in the Epoch Times, reporter Cara Ding highlights mayors increasing their budgets for the nation’s three largest police departments: the New York Read more »

Portland Normalizes Addiction, Mental Illness, Crime, and Living on the Streets

By Steve Pomper We all know that the “homeless crisis” infecting so many American cities affects police officers profoundly. First, the nuances of the political manipulation, compounding for decades, must be understood to fully understand the surrounding issues. I believe it began in earnest with the transition in the lexicon. Control the language, control the conversation, Read more »