The Alphabet Soup

The Alphabet Soup

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D When in Washington D.C. or watching newsworthy events on television, it may be hard to keep up with what agency is attending to what event. The plain-clothes and secret agents with law enforcement tasks can’t always be spotted with the ubiquitous earphones and wrist microphones, but they are there! Read more »

What Does the Vicky White Tell Us About Corrections Officers?

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D The dramatic escape of Casey White made possible by her lover, Corrections Officer Vicky White, has focused attention on the field of corrections. Are corrections officers law enforcement officers? These men and women do enforce the laws, even if their citizenry is behind walls, fences, and bars. Their citizens Read more »

Judge Hands Down Death Sentence for Cop Killer

By Stephen Owsinski A Florida circuit judge handed down a death sentence for a man who killed two Kissimmee police officers, execution-style. The double-homicide occurred on August 18, 2017. On Friday, mid-way through National Police Week 2022, Osceola County Circuit Court Judge Greg Tynan concurred with a jury that, in 2019, unanimously convicted Everett Miller Read more »

Surplus Military Equipment Safeguards Police Lives at Standoff

By Stephen Owsinski Despite the naysayers who believe “scary” surplus military equipment provided to America’s law enforcement agencies ought to be banned forever, one of the latest barricaded subject standoffs illustrates the usefulness of armored apparatus, especially protecting cops extraordinarily well while they defuse situations. In the San Carlos Park community in Lee County, Florida, Read more »

Police Week: The Asterisk*

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D I remember walking, tourist-like, through an old cemetery in Savanah, Georgia on a weekend road trip while at FLETC. I just like old cemeteries. One of the saddest benevolent lies is found there: “Gone but not forgotten”. As I scanned the ancient headstones, I notice that there seemed to Read more »

Should a Retired Cop Carry or Not Carry a Firearm

By Steve Pomper   Your law enforcement agency has promoted you to the lofty rank of retired cop. So, it’s time to let down your guard, right? Wrong! While you may no longer have a target on your chest (badge) every day or intentionally place yourself in dangerous situations, danger can still find you. I’ve long Read more »

The Heavy Toll of Police Work

By Stephen Owsinski For me, morning coffee-time involves a lot of reading. This morning I came across a quote that compelled introspection and reminiscence, ebbing back to yonder years when I worked a midnight-shift beat, experiencing an unrelenting tide of episodes in which humanitarian concepts seemed distorted, absent. Depravity appeared to have an enormous appetite. Read more »