The Police Family at Risk

The Police Family at Risk

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D In August of 2020, Officer Joseph Mensah of the Wauwatosa, WI, police was attacked by a mob at his home who were enraged over a police shooting. What reporters described as “protestors” vandalized Mensah’s home while he and his girlfriend were present. As the off-duty officer attempted to talk Read more »

Seattle’s New Republican City Attorney Ready to Fight Crime. But First, She Must Clear Predecessor’s Massive Case Backlog

By Steve Pomper  I’ve written often, in articles and books, about Seattle’s now former (Thank God!) city attorney, Pete Holmes. I wasn’t sure whether to use useless, worthless, hapless, or mindless as an adjective, but now former works just fine. Then I thought, all of those descriptors go without saying, anyway. I’ll give just two reasons Read more »

Crime Surge a ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Calls for More Cops Highlights Defund Fiasco

By Stephen Owsinski Between a rock and a hard place, police officers continue to confront the scourge of rampant crime liberally brewed during tumultuous times, whereby malfeasance has open-season proportions and cops in the crosshairs while protecting citizens. The city leadership in Little Rock, Arkansas has declared the unrelenting surge in crime, especially due to Read more »

Portland Red-faced Once Again

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Jordan Anderson was a former slave who was invited back to the plantation where had been forced to work by owner Col P. H. Anderson, who now faced labor shortages at harvest time. Anderson’s letter became a noted piece of literature for its deadpan sardonic tone. The now free Read more »

Corrupt “Police Reform” Experiments Crashing Down on Activists

By Steve Pomper  What often happens when you try to fix something that ain’t broken? You break it. That’s happening in Washington and other states like Illinois. Leftist mythmakers are using their fantasy vision of police work to conjure an “experiment” in “police reforms.” But, hang on… there may be some good news. Thinking people know police Read more »

Putting a Face and a Place on the Police Staffing Crisis

By Steve Pomper  Police staffing crises in leftist cities across the country continue. But some details might humanize the issue. Officers are retiring, resigning, or relocating. But why are specific officers leaving and where they are going? A recent article at caught my attention. It detailed an individual officer and the fortunate community that attracted him Read more »