Cops Under the Specter of PTSD

Cops Under the Specter of PTSD

By Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D Among the tragic after-effects of the anti-police movement is an increase in PTSD in police officers. The number of Minnesota police officers applying for PTSD disability had tripled over the past fiscal year. Observers will cite changes in the state’s laws as a cause, but there can be no Read more »

Weaponizing Vaccines to Further Deplete the Ranks of Law Enforcement?

By Stephen Owsinski An intriguing statistic generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that during the span of March 2020 thru March 2021, roughly 11,000 law enforcement officers departed the police profession. As a litany of reports have shown, such a heavy cleave of cops is implicitly associated with the boisterous and unrelenting anti-police Read more »

Family Standing By Cop Charged With Murder for Saving Them

By Steve Pomper How many times can police say, “Here we go again?” I don’t think a day passes where a prosecutor somewhere doesn’t charge a cop with murder for doing his or her job. We all know about George Soros’ posse of non-prosecutors proliferating across America. We’ve seen the destruction of justice wrought by his Read more »

New DHS Law Enforcement Coordinating Council, “Show and Tell,” Just Another Layer of Bureaucracy

By Steve Pomper A literal mass of humanity appears to be wending its way toward America’s southern border. FOX News reports, “Panama warns 60K Haitian migrants heading to US.” According to reporter Jeff Paul, “Panama says Biden was warned of the migrant surge.” So, what do people like Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Read more »

When Political Leaders Tell You, “Don’t Do Police Work”

By Steve Pomper Many law enforcement officers are being overcharged or falsely charged with policy violations and, worse, crimes. Suspects are engaging in bad behavior and too many cops are being held responsible for those behaviors. But officers must make sure they don’t become their own worst enemies.   A major reason is because anti-police politicians Read more »